The Guardian has the skinny on what might be the silliest Angry Birds cross-promotion yet. Rovio has been pushing the Angry Birds brand to the limit with tie-ins with pistachios and a bazillion other things ranging from band-aids to graham crackers. Now, they're working with the punk trio Green Day to promote Green Day's upcoming album ¡Uno!.

Unfortunately, the pack of ten Green Day levels are only available in the Facebook game. Details are vague on when (if ever) the Green Day levels are coming to the iOS version of the game. Per The Guardian and Rovio Marketing Chief, Peter Vesterbacka-

For now, the levels will only be available in the Facebook game, rather than the iOS and Android versions of Angry Birds Friends. Vesterbacka hinted that the partnership may extend to mobile devices in the future, though.

"We haven't announced anything besides the Facebook stuff that is live now, but we view this as a first step in a much bigger co-operation," he said. "Our fans and Green Day's fans should expect more of the same surprise and delight. We always want to surprise people!"

Take a look at the trailer:

So, yeah, that's a thing that is happening.

  • ducksFANjason


    I have no words for this. Or emotions for that matter...

  • Game Gent

    I think the Billie Joe pig needs more eyeliner.

  • swarmster

    This got a raised eyebrow/chuckle from me this weekend when I was checking for tour date announcements. Green Day's awesome and I've been looking forward to these albums, but I can't say Angry Birds or Facebook have any relevance to me. Whatever gets people talking, I guess.

  • Blodia

    Associating with Green Day is a drag on the AB brand. Thank God it's only on the Facebook version (so far); I never play it, so I'm not subjected to these sad sellouts' cross-promo garbage.

  • Slerba Slerssen

    10 new levels, whoa, think about that...

    ... I think I've seen this before. Next.

  • borgqueenx

     the green day song in the angry birds season was 2000% awesomeness.

  • Deixa

    At the end of the day it's just the same thing over and over and over. Fling the birds hit the pigs, that's it!!!

  • Mike

    So punk rock... Also, Green Day is still a thing?

  • Richenbaum Fotchenstein

    people still listen to Green Day? huh. 

  • dariusjr98

    I am so sick of Angry Birds. It is extremely overrated, and it's now going SUPER
    OVERKILL with irrelevant merchandise (I saw freakin Angry Birds candy at the store, what the hell?!) This cross-promo whatever just gives me all the more reason to hate Angry Birds.

    • borgqueenx

       i love it. angry brids will rule this planet! oh wait they already do 😀

    • kendahlj

      Why so....angry?

    • Jani Jääskeläinen

      There is games with no sugar like Sea Star HD... 🙂

  • mclifford82

    The fuck?

  • Darnel Johnston

    Green Day is not a punk band, they are a commercial pop band. 

  • Nate

    Wait, there are Android and IOS versions of a game called *Angry Birds Friends*?  I don't think so . . .

  • Anonymous

    How utterly pathetic of both parties

  • HelperMonkey

    And I've recently noticed a company called Disney that seems to be doing the same crap.
    Next thing you know, celebrities will be doing commercials.
    Well, you'll never see me shilling a product like that. Not even my favorite beverage, the delicious and refreshing Coca-Cola.

  • sheepdog108

    Anything to do with those "punk" posers Green Day I will have nothing to do with.LAME

  • sheepdog108

    Completely lame or pathetic, whatever you want to call it

  • David Sheldon Pritchett

    They should have a level where you have to jump a shark.