So last week we checked out a trailer for an upcoming modern-military third-person shooter called Trigger Fist [Free] from Lake Effect Applications. It didn't look markedly different from every other military shooter out there, with a mixture of indoor and outdoor maps and plenty of weapons to unload into your opponent.

The big thing that made Trigger Fist stand out to me, strangely, was that in the trailer you could clearly see that it was possible to carry a goat on your back like a backpack. A live goat. The animal kind. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what its purpose was, but was assured by the developer that it had to do with one of the game types.

Well, Trigger Fist has decided to jump the gun on the weekly releases and now live in the US App Store. Brad and I decided to kick the tires and take it for a test drive, and even at this early stage with a sparse online population and an unfamiliarity with maps and gameplay, it's offered a pretty fun experience. (Note: I mention the game being $2.99 but it is in fact $4.99)

  • scdude123

    lets hope there is good connection severs and good maps

  • ImJPaul

    I saw the trailer for this game. I'm sorry, I'm all about supporting indie developers, especially for this marvelous platform but this game doesn't differentiate itself enough from other 3rd person shooters to peak my interest. Wearing goats on your back seems cool but the rest of the gameplay looks cliche, stale and choppy. Sorry guys. Not this time. I really wanted to like this game though.

    • chamuscao

      Well, there aren't a lot of 3rd person online shooters in the AppStore. I think that you should buy this game if you like online shooters. It's a lot of fun, really.

  • zergslayer69

    This looks baaaaaaahhhhh-d ass.

    • 11liker99

      I know rite?

  • spencerrox

    Please review this game! I want to know if it's any good before I buy it!

    • ducksFANjason

      It is, itms excellent. Most of the people who have bought it in the forums are loving it, myself included!

  • Matthew Nemeth

    Looks pretty cool so far, my coworker and I just picked it up. Will play during lunch 🙂 seems to control pretty well

  • ducksFANjason

    Just wanted to pop on here and say kudos to the dev! They made some bold pre-release statements about controls being spot-on and AI being smart, and I honestly figured there was no way they could do those things on iOS. I'm happy to say I was very wrong! The game controls fantastically and the AI is incredibly smart and genuinely feels like playing a human opponent. Amazingly fun and I'm incredibly happy I bought this!

  • D4rkwolf

    I will obtain this!

  • John_AtLakeEffect

    Hey guys,

    I'm glad you had fun with the game and appreciate the streamlined design.

    To clear up some of your questions:
    - If you use a Game-center account, your XP will sync across devices.
    - You can customize the controls layout in settings to wherever you'd like.

    John Spatola
    C.E.O. Lead Designer
    Lake Effect Applications, LLC

  • John_AtLakeEffect

    Hey guys, great job on the video review.

    Just some info to accompany the video.
    - profiles will sync across devices if you use a Game Center account.
    - you can fully customize the controls in the settings menu.

    In regards to the AI and spawn killing. Extra attention was given to prevent spawn killing by providing many spawns and then verifying that the spawns are not in direct view of any enemy players. It is not always possible to find such a spawn, but in our testing, it was very rare. There are no spawn patters to find. It is intelligently random.

    Enjoy the game!

    Owner, Lead Designer
    Lake Effect Applications, LLC

  • Jared Nelson

    We recorded this video early yesterday when there weren't many players online and a lot of the game's details were still foreign to me, so thanks for clarifying those things John.

    I kept playing throughout the day and well into the night and this game has done nothing but continue to grow on me. It's like pure, concentrated fun on your phone. I still can't get over how good the AI is. I've actually improved my game just by watching what they do during a match heh 🙂

    Anyway, great stuff. Definitely pick this up if you like multiplayer shooters, and don't be deterred if you don't like playing with people online because the offline is really killer too.

  • Thomas Pollard

    I love the bot names! Uncle Leo was the funniest

  • expresident

    The idea of a shooter on the iPad appeals to me but the controls are just to limited compared to using a controller or kb/m. I wanted to really like MC3 as well but it suffered the same issue. It simply is to hard to aim like you would expect to in a shooter with touch controls. I'll have to pass on this.

  • George21

    Wow I'm in luv with this game!!! I've been awaiting for it to come out!!! Luv it I give 10 stars

  • gnome9er

    well I have been scraping the servers all afternoon excited to get my goat on and all I can see are bots online, no players? sorry, make that one brief sighting but they left. I would think there would be more peepz specially on the first week? oh also IAPCrackers work with this making it very unfair! devs should fix.

  • Fawks

    The fact that you cant look up and down, it seems kind of scripted like on rail shooters. Probably not going to buy.

  • Nicholas Yu

    Ball dropped.
    Ball taken.

    Great playthrough, very amusing. Killing the goat or making it respawn would be a nice twist. That was a valid tactic in Oddball. If you thought you were going to die, you could jump to your death to force the ball to respawn instead of immediately surrendering it the person who was going to kill you. If you were lucky, you spawned close to where the ball came back!

  • Jacky Fan

    I haven't said this but you guys have a sexy voice.

  • Dylan McDermott

    If you have the same Game Center account, your XP and unlocks will be synced across devices. I tested this myself. 

  • Armani Dirks

    HOW DO I PLAY WITH HUMANS?? I click matchmaking but only get bots! Please help

  • Jack Hansen

    Sorry to disappoint you but you can only play with your friends on Bluetooth. You cant connect to people online.

  • Bradosty Rawand

    wtf is this online game with robots!! this is so freak

  • Bradosty Rawand

    they should call it robot fist

  • Carlos Gonzalez

    Add me , we can play toghether =D 


  • Ash Wilson Briant

    How do you play online via Bluetooth?

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  • Robin Stephen

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  • Robin Stephen

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