John Carmack’s QuakeCon 2012 Keynote Available On YouTube

QuakeCon 2012 is over, but you can watch — or re-watch — the coolest part of the event on YouTube, as the entirety of John Carmack‘s keynote is now available for streaming.

It’s a three-plus hour talk that hits on several topics, including mobile. As we talked about before, at the event, Carmack reveals that id Software’s mobile division has been closed as the studio ramps up production on Doom 4. Several games have been left in the can as a result, including one that was basically finished.

That’s about the extent of the super relevant stuff. The rest is vaguely relevant, but as a gamer, it’s still awesome to hear such a brilliant man talk about video games. And rockets. And cool gadgets. It’s must-see, must-hear interesting stuff.