TA Plays: ‘Trigger Fist’ – An Online Multiplayer 3rd-Person Shooter, with Goats

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So last week we checked out a trailer for an upcoming modern-military third-person shooter called Trigger Fist (Free) from Lake Effect Applications. It didn’t look markedly different from every other military shooter out there, with a mixture of indoor and outdoor maps and plenty of weapons to unload into your opponent.

The big thing that made Trigger Fist stand out to me, strangely, was that in the trailer you could clearly see that it was possible to carry a goat on your back like a backpack. A live goat. The animal kind. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what its purpose was, but was assured by the developer that it had to do with one of the game types.

Well, Trigger Fist has decided to jump the gun on the weekly releases and now live in the US App Store. Brad and I decided to kick the tires and take it for a test drive, and even at this early stage with a sparse online population and an unfamiliarity with maps and gameplay, it’s offered a pretty fun experience. (Note: I mention the game being $2.99 but it is in fact $4.99)

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