Earlier this morning, Eli and I spent a lot of time with Running Dead [Free], a zombie video game. To be more specific, it's an endless runner that has you avoiding and shooting a lot of zombies in a dreary town. Running Dead most notable feature is its over-the-top perspective, which gives you the ability to see every zombie and every obstacle from a mile away. It's a nice touch that kind of separates this from the endless runner pack.

Other touches include an in-game economy. By killing and running and picking up bonus boxes, you'll get coins that can be cashed in to level up weapons or purchase new ones from the game's armory. You can also purchase currency with IAP, and the game appears to be a little weighted towards that.

The economy in Running Dead is feels a little off balance, and the core running didn't immediately click with us. It might for you, though. Our suggestion is to check out our video and decide if this is something you want to check out more closely.

  • Nutrilica

    After five minutes of this game I deleted it. Personally, I didn't like this game. I was hoping to see a good endless runner with zombies, but I just feel like this game needs a lot more work. If you are looking for and endless runner game, there are far better ones out there. Rating: 2/5 Stars.

  • Joltrabbit

    The problem with running dead is the game is just too slow both in the progression and how fast your character moves and the developers are trying to fix that according to their TA forum post.

  • The#1

    I played it for 30 minutes then let the poor slow slow zombies kill me then deleted it.

  • GSJ1977

    I agree with the comments in the video about slow progress and IAP necessity. However, I must point out that there is a little bit more to the gameplay than first meets the eye (this doesn't become apparent until about level 7 onwards). The wave of zombies behind you becomes more aggressive and they must be slowed down by leading them into obstacles while you simultaneously avoid obstacles and zombies ahead of you. It's much more interesting, IMO, than a regular endless runner. At the very least, Dead Runners does bring a new twist to the genre.

  • Briker Ed

    This looks so painfully boring, that I'm not even gonna give it the benefit of the doubt to download it myself :/ 

  • ConceptNormal

    I feel bad "they" or "we" (based on consensus of popular games) make you play all these terrible iOS games. Especially the ones like this god-aweful zombie runner, where we don't need a 10 minute video when the depth of the game is clearly seen in the trailer. Y'all "cats" should still be doing videos on games like infinity blade 2, just so the idiots who decided to pay 99. for this, might finally see why paying 6.99 gets you a game you no longer have to come to a TA game comments page and post what should be improved upon in a game under a dollar? Something that's less $ then a pack of gum or bottle of water. Most of these 99. games are not even worth the hassle of typing my password out in the app. store on a touch screen. I would miss Eli's genuine, great points and questions about certain things he comes up with about the game and the way Brad always answers with an I don't know, followed by a subject change. haha. Stimulating. I'll wont end so critical because I'm usually tuning in because you guys make a great team and always through the commentating, turn a terrible game into something enjoyable to (just) watch. Aright Brad and Eli, Till that next video... ")

  • phertiker

    The zombie death sound (sounds like coughing up a hairball) is straight from Terraria.