TA Plays: ‘Running Dead’ – An Endless Runner With Zombies In It

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Earlier this morning, Eli and I spent a lot of time with Running Dead (Free), a zombie video game. To be more specific, it’s an endless runner that has you avoiding and shooting a lot of zombies in a dreary town. Running Dead most notable feature is its over-the-top perspective, which gives you the ability to see every zombie and every obstacle from a mile away. It’s a nice touch that kind of separates this from the endless runner pack.

Other touches include an in-game economy. By killing and running and picking up bonus boxes, you’ll get coins that can be cashed in to level up weapons or purchase new ones from the game’s armory. You can also purchase currency with IAP, and the game appears to be a little weighted towards that.

The economy in Running Dead is feels a little off balance, and the core running didn’t immediately click with us. It might for you, though. Our suggestion is to check out our video and decide if this is something you want to check out more closely.

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