If you haven't seen Moonrise Kingdom yet, you really need to fix that. This is coming from a Wes Anderson super-fan, but, still. Great movie. Turf Geography Club [Free] developers Hyperspace, Inc. did a fabulous job at borrowing this visual style, creating a game trailer that'd make any Khaki Scout proud:

Turf is a GPS-based check-in game that, at least so far, seems to play an awful lot like a bunch of other GPS games. You check in to various places, build them up, and earn all sorts of different awards in the process. There's also a Monopoly-like metagame that involves charging rent for places you own in game, although, admittedly, I haven't gotten that far yet.

Turf seems to suffer from the same problems that every one of these GPS games seem to have- Unless you're living in a city, or an otherwise highly populated area, there isn't a whole lot going on. There isn't any action in my immediate area, or anywhere nearby that I can pan around on the map. Regardless, I'd be curious to hear from people living in dense urban environments to see how the game is taking off, as I totally dig the style of the whole thing.

  • Maniacfive

    Downloading, it is free after all. But I fear my sleepy South East England Craptown will not have much going on.

    This is where Coderunner really excels. Doesn't need anyone else playing to make for a fun adventure, though is better when there are.

  • Anonymous

    Looks lovely but in the end it's just foursquare again