Dead Trigger [Free] has gone free-to-play on iPhone and iPad as of this morning. This appears to be a permanent design shift for the mindless first-person shooter, which always felt like a free-to-play game hiding behind a premium price. No reason has been given so far as to the sudden change, but it makes sense: Dead Trigger's in-game financial model was far too demanding considering its initial upfront cost.

This change comes alongside a new content update, which added a few new guns, gadgets, and two levels. A new "casino" slot machine has been added, too, as well as the usual bug fixes and tweaks. A list of all the changes is available here.

Dead Trigger went free-to-play on Android in July. At the time, Madfinger said the move was a response to an insane piracy rate. Maybe it was. But it smelled like a publicity stunt, and we openly wondered when this version would go free, too.

Anyway, burning early adopters with a sudden price drop never seems to go over well, but if you're looking for a killer tech demo to see what your phone is capable of now you can do that for free.

  • Dan

    *looks up
    *sees **** on the fan

  • Himmat Singh

    I really want to hear what MadFinger have to say about this. On Android, it was supposedly very high piracy rate. What a sad gturn of events/

  • Ade

    Aaaand I just paid for it last week. =/

  • Adams Immersive

    Ouch! Especially since I’ve seen efforts online to rally people to buy the iOS version and support the company after they evidently took a bath on Android! Also, supposedly, the Android version is entirely free with no IAP—but that makes so little sense that I tend to doubt the report. I would suspect that both versions work the same now. Is that the case?

    IAP pushed within a paid app is a no-no for me, but I didn’t buy this one so at least I wasn’t burned!

    (And I don’t see a really solid reason doubt the piracy story: that jibes with plenty that we’ve heard about the Android platform from a developer’s perspective. It may or may not have pushed Dead Trigger in this direction; I can easily imagine it being a factor at least. Or it may have been planned all along, and the piracy was a shame but not to blame for this shift.)

    • Eli Hodapp

      The piracy thing on Android just seemed like such a silly thing to blow out of proportion because -anyone- with their pulse on the mobile gaming scene knows about the climate on Android. It's like spending all day out in the sun and complaining about getting sunburnt.

    • godofodd

      As I understand it, the Android version is supported solely by IAP.

  • Vince

    What is this premium price you mentioned? lol $0.99 ?!

  • tim240


  • sakara214ever

    Another freemium sh@t. Thanks i won't take. You wanna open the game pay iap. You wanna close it pay iap. You wanna buy-upgrade weapon pay iap. Get the f@ck off.

  • Matthew Nemeth

    Thatsashame. I'm glad it was only 99 cents, these guys are great developers and do deserve the support. Dead Trigger was a let down as a whole, but that's just my perspective and fault because it was SO hyped up that I was hoping it would be something it wasn't... anyway, for what it's worth it's gorgeous, it could be an awesome alpha or beta version of something much, much bigger. I guess we'll see how things turn out down the road

    • godofodd

      They were nice enough to give paid users the equivalent in in-game currency when the game went free.

      • Himmat Singh

         "They were nice enough to give paid users the equivalent in in-game currency when the game went free."

        Really? Get your facts right. 25 gold and 12 casino chips ain't worth a $0.99 IAP. That much gets you 200 gold.

      • godofodd

        And, yet, life goes on. Amazing.

  • Rusothil

    MadFinger is dead to me. No more money being sent their way by me.

    • tim240

      I guess you could call it "DeadFinger" hehe

  • sakara214ever

    Yeah yeah right another freemium sh)t in the AppStore. Thanks i won't take. Get the f&ck off.

  • deadlock32

    I fking seriously nee to hear what MadFiger have to say bout this! I bought the game full priced and I was so hyped up. Now its filled with iap, t was a dissappointing moment for me. Seriously who nakes an app thats premium but filled with iap? Thats f****** up! No more of my money isnt goin to them, not even one single f******* penny! Thanks alot Madfinger! Thanks a f****** a lot!

    • Rick Payne

      Premium? It was $0.99! Jesus you must explode when you buy a game for the 360 or PS3.

      $0.99 is less than a can of coke, it wont even get you a half pint of beer. The game was entirely playable without the IAP. Any player with an ounce of skill could have had a machine pistol and shotgun within an hour of playing the game.

      Why should a game give you everything at the start because you paid for it? There is no logic to that at all. No modern game does that.

      I paid for the app when it came out and I'm still paying it. Do i care its gone free... nope. If it had cost me $10 then maybe, but for $0.99 if i only got an hour out of it then thats good value for money in comparison to seeing a film, going out for a drink etc.

      Oh and people that paid for the game now get 25 gold and a load of casino chips as a thank you.

      • Maniacfive

        25 gold! Wooo! Only a quarter of the 99 IAP gold 😉

        But anyway, machine pistol within an hour? 45 mins tops. But the game remained the same dull game for the next 45.

      • Jay

         Yeah that's true - being entertained for an hour for only $.99 isn't bad compared to movies.  I feel that highlights how much we're getting ripped off for movies, though!  🙂

      • deadlock32

        Im srry dude for gettin all mad. Its just I dont understand. I dont mind payin 99cents. But why does dead Trigger have to go free? I mean, the App Store is known for buyers paying stuff without a doubt. Also piracy doesnt happen alot, only on a fragmented store known as Google Play. I just want to know the reason for makin it free from MadFinger. Thats all i want to know. And srry for outbursting. I truly am.

      • Rick Payne

        Well as they have made the Android one Free they have to do the same for IOS or there would be internet outrage at one having to play while the other gets it free.

        Kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't. I'm a developer myself and I know from experience these guys will not be trying to piss the fans and customer off. Its just a tricky situation to be in.

  • Jensen_G

    I think they just need to make games that actually have solid gameplay that's enjoyable for more than the first 60 seconds...

  • ianlogsdon

    I don't get emotional over 99 cents, it was worth the cost then, and it would still be worth 99 cents now. That said, I don't do in app purchases, so i don't plan on supporting those.

  • deadlock32

    Dont you feel like this was a publicacy market stunt? I felt it was planned to do this. -_-

  • NPeart

    I'll wait until they pay me to play it.

  • Rick Payne

    Just to note if you did pay for the game and get this update you get 25gold and i think it was 12 Casino chips. Each chip gets a go on the bandit machine. Winning on this gets you money and gold etc.

    • Matthew Nemeth

      That's good to know, kinda like what happened with The Dark Meadow... I updated and plan on playing during lunch today.. or GTA3 who knows lol

      • Drummerboycroy

        Here's hoping this isn't like what happened with Dark Meadow...

  • GSJ1977

    Ah yes, those pesky terrorists. Er, I mean pirates! Sorry, memetic engineering overload.

  • JohnnyJ101

    I can see people being pissed off, if it was a premium price of 6.99 but Brad, .99 cents is not a premium price. I completely disagree with the " tech demo" assessment. It is a full flege game with missions, objectives. I paid .99 cents and 6 dollars worth the iAP and feel fine with the price drop. This game is a blast to play. Madfinger has to be one of the most talented developers in mobile gaming.

    • HelperMonkey

      Talented, but apparently bad at P.R.
      Still, they'll likely end up making major profits from eager young players with paper route money to spend. I expect to see this game high on the "top grossing" charts in short order. (Though they won't really be in very auspicious company.)

      • HelperMonkey

        By the way, I mean no insult to you regarding your spending. If you enjoy the game, then it's worth it for you.

      • JohnnyJ101

        I understand you weren't being insulting. With the PR, yes they are not native english so they don't always communicate effectively but they are a developer that cares about their customers. At the same time, they are trying to make a living. If this game didn't have iAP's and wasn't free, they would more than likely be charging a premium price of 6.99 anyways. So for me, spending the money on a couple iAP's was my way of supporting the developer.

  • Jay

    I read through a bunch of the bad reviews the ftp model inspired others to write.  What gets me is how they weren't free-to-play to start - which means they were basically charging $1 for a demo.  The pricing method they used just feels scam-y.   

  • Madison Gerritsen

    That's too bad. Piracy sucks. I bought the game. Didn't like the IAP but so much work went into it so I bought several IAP to support Madfinger hoping for future updates (like today's update with new areas). But I guess piracy killed it. Bleh.

    I also think Apple should rethink it's IAP strategy. If it's expansion packs, extra levels etc. I can see that. But I think Apple should put a permanent ban on in game currency and bullshit IAP. There's too much of that going around.

    • Rubicon Development

      Get's my vote. Our game is paid and has iap's, but they're just for more maps and stuff - things we spent time making and that you don't strictly need to be able to play all of the game.

      I see it as a way of bringing down the price of larger games so that if you just want the basics you can get them cheaper. But instead, all this freemium profiteering is just spoiling it for those of us not out to rip anybody.

  • Madison Gerritsen

    PS: Dear Sega, please bring Wii's House Of The Dead Overkill to the iPad. THAT would set a standard.

  • Madison Gerritsen

    Amen Rubicon! Greed will eventually drive unsatisfied customers away. I'd rather pay for a game, get some extra maps to expand the gameplay than be forced to buy my gun back with IAP in game currency because the gameplay scenario decided that for me. WTF?!

    These days, most IAP leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's pure greed.
    I shelled out full price (over 20 Euros) for Final Fantasy. I GLADLY do that. Or for other premium titles. NO problem. Why? Because I get the game, with no additonal IAP surprises. But it's creeping into EVERY game now. Even games that didn't have it are being updated to include IAP for whetever reason thinkable. It's a disgrace. I'd almost buy a PS Vita and no longer play games on my iPad and just use it for media and internet. The iOS game market is seriously polluted at the moment.

  • Stephen

    If they had an IAP for decent spelling and grammar, I'd be all over that.

  • Madison Gerritsen

    I'd love an in-brain app for my dyslexia Stephen. I'm afraid this game zombiefied my grammar.

  • JohnPayne79

    are you sure they're making it free2play permanently? They are being featured by, could be time-limited

  • JohnPayne79

    are you sure it's a permanent thing? i saw them featured at so it could be a temporary give-away..

  • godofodd

    I paid for the game and I have no complaints, even about it going free. It's a fun game, great graphics, nice little time-waster. I've not spent a penny over my initial 99¢ investment and have progressed very nicely in the game. All those people saying you must pay to level up must simply suck at it.

  • kyria12

    This whole article is a clear sneer at MadFinger games as a whole. I used to com here daily, but haven't really kept up for the last 2 years. Popped in recently, and really unimpressed with the writing style.
    Honestly, have you reviewers played the game? Anyone who has spent more than 20 mins in the game can tell you that IAP is very much optional. I've spent nothing on the game and I'm doing fine. Great graphics, great FPS mechanics, but the game can be repetitive. No one is denying that.
    But hey, I personally find Angry Birds is entirely doing the same crap over and over again but TA nevers finds ANY Angry Bird game repetitive. Personal opinion.

    • Himmat Singh

       Well, indeed it's optional. But w/o spending on IAPs, you don't get the whole game experience.

  • Kevin Ly

    Heh, I see all these people talking about the IAP when what they should have done is do the offers on tapjoy.... Go to the Bank in dead trigger get free gold and press get free gold in dead trigger. It should open safari and go to a website named tapjoy, sign up and you should have 500+ amount of gold offers. The offers are easy too, you just have to download an app play it for like 30 seconds delete it and you recieve your gold. I got all the premium guns without paying a penny. Try it, all of you would change your minds.....

    • Kevin Ly

      Sorry, its go to the bank and then press tapjoy on that screen.

      • Kevin Ly

        And then after that you press earn gold in dead trigger.

    • Warren Ring

      Whats up, I've downloaded some games off tapjoy to get the free gold and it still doesn't show up on Dead Trigger. Any Ideas why

  • ios gamer365

    Madfinger games I'm extremely impressed with dead trigger not only is it the incredible low price of free, it's an addicting game that has me eyes wide gunning down zombies I couldn't ask for more, actually I could I can't WAIT til I get SHADOW GUN!!! And I ask that u continue the series and I look forward to more games from you. I am a madfinger iOS gamer!!!

  • ios gamer365

    Oh and fix shadowgun deadzone I wanna play it so bad but app crash!!