After spying its release on our app this morning, Eli and I jumped into Total Recall. In brief, Total Recall [99¢] is a rail shooter that has you, as some guy, shooting other guys for some reason that we can't puzzle out, even though there's story bits before every level. On the technical front it operates just fine, but it's just not a very engaging game. It has some questionable level design, as well as some pretty weak AI and scenario design.

Perhaps more questionable is its IAP functionality. The game has two currencies, one of which you can't earn by playing the game. In order to buy the guns that it suggests you use during levels, you need to use this unobtainable currency. It comes off as kind of weak, considering you have to pay for this game straight-up.

So, right, Total Recall. It's a video game. We played it, and welcome you to watch us play it right below:

  • Adams Immersive

    An advertisement that you pay over and over to experience? Pure genius!

  • 11liker99

    Looks fun

    • Eric Behney

       I hope you're kidding because this looks horrible.  Even if it was free and everything was unlocked I'd still have zero interest in this.

      • 11liker99

        In still willing to give it a shot. Besides its by the people who made real steel

  • Paul Hopper

    great video, ty for helping me avoid this wreck.

    • InfectiousRed

      Indeed. Looks boring.

  • Paul Hopper

    i think the movie game tie in that destroyed my childhood was the waynes world snes game.

  • Joltrabbit

    Phew. Thanks again for TOFTT.

    I loved the original and fear for the remake. Even if this one is good you'll just wish they named it something else (like The Dawn of the Dead remake).

  • Lamar Taylor

    That video was nothing but a video on why not to buy that game. Graphics were average, gameplay was boring, and enemy AI was a joke. They better drop the price to free ASAP.

    • Zendorphin

      Great video, might play it when it's free if the movie is half-decent. Saw the original years ago and don't RECALL (LOL) it much so can't see the new one lettting me down.

  • HanifMd

    I would rather watch this video than playing this game. Surprised that movie guys can allow such lame product to come out. Guess the movie is equally bad