This afternoon Bradley and I took the keys to the ol' Jurassic Park branded Jeep Wrangler and gave the recently released Jurassic Park Builder [Free] a test drive. If you're hoping for a mixture of a Tycoon-style game with Jurassic Park decals and racing stripes, you're going to be sorely disappointed. What we've got here is your average run of the mill free to play building game. Timers are everywhere, we hit our first pay wall about nine minutes in, and come across an array of other time (and money) sinks.

Still, I can't help but at least be vaguely interested in Jurassic Park Builder, as the Jurassic Park book, movie, soundtrack, series of toys, t-shirts, bedding, and basically everything else was such a major part of my childhood. So, Brad and I take one for the team, dump $10 on in-game currency, and go on Dr. Hammond's wild ride to see how much fun that'll buy us. (Spoilers: Not very much.)

  • Joe Magdalena

    Makes me wish it was just Jurassic Park: Park Builder from the GBA era:

  • philearnest

    Yes! Finally a JP themed building app! Ha

  • Paul Hopper

    Decent game, not one of the best buy definitely not the worst either. This model of freemium definitely rewards you for paying attention to the game, especially early on where you're only exhibits are the quick cash cap model. Feeding /leveling /coinharvesting /foodproduction all are near ports from dragonvale so anyone playing that will feel at home here. 

    3d rendering of dinosaurs is really well done, good animations and whatnot. dna research /dinosaur evolution are definitely slot machines.

    iap is present but at level 6 currently and i havent been forced in to it. If you like this sort of game and like jurassic park, here you go.

  • jay401

    Thanks for keeping it real in the video review. When you asked at the 15 minute mark if anyone was still watching it, I realized I probably didn't need to continue watching it because I'd seen enough to pass. 🙂

  • Jenny

    I'd been waiting for a dinosaur park building game like this for awhile. That its JP branded is a bonus. You don't have to spend money. As a Canadian I got it early and I've been glued to this game for days. Didn't HAVE to spend money, but I chose to and I don't regret it, the in app goodies are nicely rendered, and I was delightfully surprised to discover the addictiveness of rearranging everything, and watching the cars move through the park. Just collecting coins causes the dinosaurs to react, and everything is just intuitive. I love it and I'm far from finished with it. 😀

  • Sianyrose

    Is this just for the iPad? I just went to look for it and it said 'request cannot be completed'

    • NeonVoidJP

      I got the same 🙁

      • mrchinchin25

        And me

      • NeonVoidJP

        Don't think it's just for the iPad as it says universal.

  • KingOfPirates COM2US

    there was no pay wall, just a wait wall. There's a difference.
    Pay walls are when you literally cannot progress without spending money, waiting is what makes these games work.

    If you could just sit there and speed up everything your just merely pacing random objects with no feeling of achievement .. When you keep coming back after waiting hours, you feel lie you've earnt something. Especially later on when things take alot longer.
    It's quite sick really, basically gets kids addicted to the feeling of achieving a new dinosaur.
    T Rex will be at the real end because they know that'll be the most sought after dinosaur.

    But if you did a review on dragonvale, smurfville, farmvile, tiny tower, pocket planes etc it'd all be exactly the same, paying to spped things up.. I just think it's a little unfair that you singled out this game to make a mockery of when that's just the typical nature of all free city-builders.

    I also think it's a bit mean you call it not fun at all, when of course it's not going to be fun just clicking buttons saying "finish now" and then reusing your "take my money" joke after every single time you spend 1 in game dollar.

    I was face palming by the end of it.

    You were acting like a baller who dropped hundreds of dollars on it.

    I hate dinosaurs, so I don't really give a crap, I just felt it was a little uncalled for especially since you're a jurrasic park fan.

  • HungarianUrinalCakes

    I think his cries of agony were well justified. Seriously, just stop and think about what his ten dollars got him. Nothing. There's no more play value left without more money. For example, I could right now pay half of that and buy GTA3 and have the entire game - hundreds of hours of gameplay, when I want, however I want, and for as long as I want. Video games are meant to be played. Now, I know it's called the "waiting game", but waiting is in fact NOT A GAME. Wake up people! Stop supporting this crap and maybe developers will have to actually start earning our money again. Also, shame on you TA for giving these people real money. For shame. That and I feel like the 25 minutes I invested in your video could have been better spent clearing rocks or bushes or something of the like.

    Lastly, Jurassic Park 3 was a fairly decent to moderately good movie.

  • Goose

    Not avail in nz 🙁

    • mrchinchin25

      Not available in UK either...

  • putermcgee

    haha! for a second, i thought the 'it's raining money' image was part of the game when you bought the dino-bucks...not just a censor.

  • jan piggot

    sorry did everyone not get that the game is not a game but a cash cow for whales? jp os not about caring dor dinos! it is about dinos getting loose and killing everyone lol this game is total garbage for losers and morons and if u accept it u r encouraging lazy greedy shameless devs to rip u off and give sub standard fair in this how u want the future of ios gaming to be? do u actually want jp games with safe, tame, reliable dinos? what is wrong with u people, the vid clearly showed a horrible, insideously boring game which will us its brand to trick children into literally bankrupting their parents.....sad, a total wasted opp. here.

    • Bob

       How do you justify calling anyone else lazy when you can't be bothered to type two additional letters to make "you" and "are" actual English words? I'm not defending the developers, and I'll freely call them lazy. But I can do that because I take the extra .3 seconds to not butcher the English language.

  • pho3nix

    On the one hand nearly everyone bemoans the rise of the dreaded freemium trend, and yet sites like TA routinely feature and promote freemium games. There are at least 10 if not more articles in the last week about free or 99c games. How can someone expect this platform to mature if we keep telling the customer that he should expect these games to be free or dirt cheap?

    • Noam Rathaus

      I think you misread, look at the right corner where it says Tags and under it Prices you will notice that the majority of products are paid, and only a minority are free... some figures.. 3729 reviews in total, just 945 of them are free... 25% is not a majority in my book

  • Tim Cant

    I want a Jurassic Park game where I can spit my toxic goo at Wayne Knight

  • Jon Stoever

    Their servers are refusing to let me log back in. Fail.

  • Jim, Smith

    Like it or not, there is a large demographic who actually like these wait games.  They are mostly the dumber side of the population, but they are plentiful and this stuff makes them happy.  I don't think the model will go away because it offends us non-stupid people. It's here to stay as are the stupid people.  No use getting upset about it.  It's just  the natural way of things.  It's smart to make money off of stupid people.  Since it works, it's not going to go away.

    • JCat_NY

      Yep, it's no surprise these games succeed in a society where "Keeping up with the Kardashians" manages to still be on the air.

  • MrPurplePanda

    The game they want and expected was an old ps2 game called Jurassic Park operation genesis which is basically what they r describing wat they wanted. Jurassic Park Operation genesis was an economic game like zoo tycoon but with a jurassic park twist u had get better start with mediocre dinosuars that attracted vistors which gave you money and a star rating which depending on how u cared for the customers and dinos changed ur rating. The rating attracted more visitors which gave you more money which gave you more stuff and better dinos. But u only didn't have to just buy them but also care for them also if they broke out you could kill them. But wats kool is that you could do it yourself not just let the AI do it. But that's in summary wat the game should have been like. Jurassic Park Operation Genesis for PS2 and Xbox (the first one) may be old but it is still fun so I think they should try to replicate it with new stuff either on console or just on iOS just like the guys wanted, they wanted a zoo tycoonish game with a Jurassic Patk twist .

    • Civ2boss

      JP:OP is also for PC, there's actually a mod community for that game. I really wish someone would remake that game or maybe a sequel. It's not likely though.

      • MrPurplePanda

        I wish they made a sequel too cuz there has not been a lot of good Jurassic Park games in a while.

  • Stefan Maddux

    Have you two not realized that the decorations help your GPS timers on the dinosaurs and not exp....

  • Michael Laughner

    is the top level 30 or can i go higher?

  • Nick Jackson

    Pity you didn't get to the in game mini game that unlocks when you have five carnivores. A meter fills up on the bottom left of the screen that creates a storm when activated. Timers then appears above all the carnivores while the storm thrashes through the park and you have to "wrangle" (read: tap) them before the timer fulls. The longer you leave the timer the more money you earn from each dinosaur. This is why the game teaches you to move the dinosaurs. I'm not sure what happens if you don't tap in time, I've only got five carnivores so its not very hard to scroll around getting them all yet.

    Also, placing flowers closer to dinosaurs and buildings increases how much money you generate from them.

    And at every tenth level you can evolve your dinosaurs.

    I understand what you're saying about these games, and largely agree, but I think most people would play them a bit for a few days first, to gauge if there is any longer term enjoyment, before dropping $10 in one. You'd also then be able to spend your money slightly better.

    /been playing a week or two, my gf is slightly further along
    //both college educated and employed 😛 just fun to sometimes compete with these type of games, got bored with MyTown after a couple of months and no real money spent.

  • JR

    This 'game' is so full of bullshit(!).  It's like the chances of success in evolving dinosaurs later on is greatly lowered (Don't get surprised if you blow all your resources you saved up for days to get about only 20% success in evolving higher level dinos), so that you're forced to buy more resources with real money.  It was fun in the beginning, but I got rid of this app cuz it's full of shit....

  • Jessica Bandula

    Its really not that much of a waiting game when you set up enough diners to get 10,000 every 5 mins but who has that much time

  • Tiffany Garcia

    I've just passed the game..but dumb me ended up resetting it. Luckily I still got my 115 dollars I earned btw but there's a trick I learned for those who just need to finish. It's only 30 levels but if you change day and time settings on your iPad/iPhone, it'll fast fwd the stuff. Believe it's better then waiting three days for a dinosaur and spending money.
    Oh and if anyone knows a glitch to get free buck tell me! I really want the trex:(

  • Tiffany Garcia

    Okay wow it didn't even put my name:O if anyone's knows beside hacks please let me know!:)