Freebie Alert: Platform Puzzler ‘Burger Cat’ Currently Costs Nothing

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Back in April, the cats responsible for bringing the League of Evil games to the App Store, Ravenous Games, released Burger Cat ($2.99). Burger Cat is a slower-paced and adorable-looking puzzler that was a great counterbalance to the fast action and rampant violence of the League of Evil series.

Basically, you’ll be placing various types of objects in 85 different levels in order to create a traversable terrain to get Burger Cat from the beginning of a level to the delicious burger waiting for him at the end. It’s a simple premise, but the challenge ramps up nicely as levels and contraptions get more complex as you go.

Today, Ravenous has hit the comically oversized giant red “Freebie” button that I like to imagine is a real thing they have at their offices and made Burger Cat free for a limited time. Burger Cat is a pretty slow-paced game, but it has a good challenge and some clever level designs. It’s a great game to kick back with and work your way through, so definitely grab it while it costs you zero dollars to do so.

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