TA Plays: ‘Jurassic Park Builder’ – Watch Us Blow Through Time Sinks with $10 Worth of Dino Bucks

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This afternoon Bradley and I took the keys to the ol’ Jurassic Park branded Jeep Wrangler and gave the recently released Jurassic Park Builder (Free) a test drive. If you’re hoping for a mixture of a Tycoon-style game with Jurassic Park decals and racing stripes, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. What we’ve got here is your average run of the mill free to play building game. Timers are everywhere, we hit our first pay wall about nine minutes in, and come across an array of other time (and money) sinks.

Still, I can’t help but at least be vaguely interested in Jurassic Park Builder, as the Jurassic Park book, movie, soundtrack, series of toys, t-shirts, bedding, and basically everything else was such a major part of my childhood. So, Brad and I take one for the team, dump $10 on in-game currency, and go on Dr. Hammond’s wild ride to see how much fun that’ll buy us. (Spoilers: Not very much.)

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