Earlier this morning, Eli and I dived into a quick session of Fishing Superstars [Free]. It's a cute free-to-play fishing game that has you catching the biggest fish possible across a staggering list ponds. As you earn more experience for reeling in the big ones, you earn access to increasingly powerful tools of the trade, including statistically gifted rods, baits, hats, and other bits and pieces of equipment.

The RPG component is one of the cooler aspects of Fishing Superstars, but it might be a point of contention with some because this game gates just about everything it can. You can give it a look below, as we've joyfully provided the following:

  • http://www.facebook.com/akiratech Nicholas Sample

    honestly i like this game its perfect for playing between breaks at work 

  • Ryan Bullard

    Hilarious, "Oh a river prawn, I hope you're proud of yourself". Since when in the hell does a river prawn yank on a fishing pole that hard?!

    • Eegah

      when it's a prawn star?

  • pocketmego

    Lol, I never would have even looked at this game...but for the great TA commentary.

  • Eegah

    this is the game that has the dude with the FISH shirt right

    cuz i still want that shirt


  • http://twitter.com/Shenyen Sebastian Paul

    That logo is totally ripped off from Gamelofts Fishing Kings - which was a copy of the Sega Marine Fishing Logo^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/kylie.hinz Kylie Hinz

    i installed this game day one, played for 20 and thought it was rubbish.  IT's free so give it a go. but yeah was pretty terrible.

  • Pichu0102

    I'm addicted to this game.

  • Bliquid

    With all the typical Freemium-not-that-much mechanics and the fact that its difficult to reel in even the first, micron small fishes, i installed it day one and erased it half an hour later.
    That is, after the 10th consecutive broken line.
    Honestly, i wouldn't reccomend to download it, could raise its rank undeservingly.

  • Earthdweller

    @Bliquid so its Boh-ring because you can do it!!?
    Its tricky to reel in the fish but thats the whole point of the challenge. I'm at level 8 and finding it great fun. As you improve your rods, gear and bait the fish become easier to catch. For some reason I'm hooked (sorry no pun intended) I really want to be able to catch that Mako eventually

    • Bliquid

      No, i find it boring because it is boring.
      If you have fun in rotating and stopping your thumb while looking at poorly inspired graphics, lucky you.

      • Earthdweller

        Each to their own I guess. I also enjoy Pocket planes and Field runners 2, more "accepted" games, Just wanted to share my enjoyment of this game with others. I think all fishing games have a reel 'em in but dont snap the line mechanic. 

  • jeffmd

    I hate ALL games that have a timer mech to force you to pay, because even if you pay it doesn't mean you are guaranteed unlimited time forever which is how games have been and SHOULD be.