The Escapist is home to tons of cool video content, the most popular of which likely being The Jimquisition and Zero Punctuation. There's other shows too, like Loading Ready Run which focuses on video game related sketch comedy. Their latest video focuses on NimbleBit's Pocket Planes [Free], which is still one of the most discussed games on our forums. Check it out:

This isn't the first time someone has made a funny video surrounding a NimbleBit game, made an awesome Tiny Tower video that's also worth a look if you can't get enough of bitizen-related humor.

  • Michael O'Connor

    > Makes sketch about fun iOS game.
    > Uses Flash Player.

    Sorry, I couldn't help but find that ironic. =P

    • Krautboy

      I actually found it more ironic,if not a bit lame to link to that on an IOS only site.

      • GSJ1977

        The words "epic fail" spring to mind.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Please accept my apologies I thought people would find the video amusing.

      • sheepdog108

        Eli you always do great work, all you do is entertain me and help me choose the best iOS games

      • GSJ1977

        I'm sure they would if they could watch it ;p

        Please don't take my previous comment the wrong way. I just love the term "epic fail" and use it all the time (often to describe myself).

      • Words of Ivory

        Oh, the video is definitely funny.

        At least after I was able to watch it, which I had to go to my PC to do. =P

      • Noah

        I thought the video was awesome, especially considering it was about an iOS title.

  • ckoerner

    This might not be the most logical place to ask this, but does anyone know of a game like Pocket Planes, but without the lame click-for-attention crap? A airport sim game of some sort where you manage the balance with skill vs $$?

    • Brandon

      Try air tycoon.

  • Nick Major

    Haha thanks for posting that. Now back to pocket planes...