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‘Deo’ Creator’s New Game ‘Mr. Dreamer’ Looks Interesting

Just about a year ago, developer Strapped to a Meteor released their moody and visually striking game Deo (Free) into the App Store, and they’re getting ready to unleash their latest creation at the end of this month. It’s called Mr. Dreamer, and it’s sort of a runner-style game that uses an interesting flipping mechanic.

Each of the game’s 8 worlds has you running along a single-line track, and tapping the screen determines what side of the line you run on. Collect candy as you go while avoiding enemies (like that blasted broccoli), and keep your momentum going by avoiding running completely upside down.

Mr. Dreamer certainly has an interesting look, and the flipping mechanic looks like it might add a simple but significant twist to your typical iOS runner game. We’re looking forward to checking it out, and you can too come July 31st when Mr. Dreamer hits the App Store.