Minecraft creator Mojang has just released another update to Pocket Edition [$6.99 / Free], the mobile version of the ever-popular sandbox building game simulation thing. Version 0.3.2 adds saplings, more tiles, and the big three ores: gold, diamond, and iron. It also includes working furnaces, which should come in handy if you ever want to smelt items. This update also rolls in some bug fixes and tweaks. For example, fence gates now render.

The mobile version of Minecraft keeps getting better with each new update, and we hope that Mojang continues to support it. Who knows, maybe we'll have the full experience in our pockets someday. That'd be wild.

  • Grummie

    Good update but still needs alot more fixes and such

  • Bramoldinho

    Yeah I agree good game but a yellow dye is pictured as an egg!!???

  • zeroski

    A great update, glad to see I can finally make more wood.. Been running low for quite some time now, but where is my chest?? I feel so sad without one. Also would help to see a chest so when my mates come online to my world they can grab and drop stuff off as opposed to making everything from scratch..

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004009779042 Travis Walker

      i have lots diamonds and if i die i will have to search all over again thats why we need a chest

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004009779042 Travis Walker

        there is a new update 3.3.0 it is out in the app store

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004009779042 Travis Walker

        when are dogs coming out please tell me:)

  • tim240

    I really like you can smelt and make diamond, iron, gold tools! And is there a change in the maps? Because I generated a survival map and to me it looked bigger.. I found a small cave and canyons!

  • http://twitter.com/chriswinter96 Chris winter®™

    How do you make trees grow from the saplings?

    • Akiratech

      Get a piece of Bare soil with no grass, snow or etc the put the sapling on it and also wait

  • iPod Game Guy

    I was playing it and got the news on toucharcade getting sapling but I need a chest I have built storage houses to compromise with the problem and a new enemy like a skeleton spider or creeper other than that it's all right love the update

    • tim240

      You can store certain items at the furnaces like ingots and stuff as an alternative chest. Just make sure you don't cook it!

  • Barc

    Mon... sters?

  • pogo stics

    are the sapplings the leaf blocks?

    • tim240

      No they drop just like the original one, just wait!

  • Crazydragonfilms

    I love the update but a chest would work for me. I wonder if there will be dogs soon!!

  • Crazydragonfilms

    I like the update but a chest will be nice. I hope dogs are going to come soon. 🙂

  • Gavincarvalho

    Love this update cause I really wanted them to have a way to be able to smelt and grow


  • Gavincarvalho

    Good update nice bug fixes

  • yocdub

    Fixes bugs in 4.0

    • yocdub

      I mean more bug fixes