TA Plays: ‘Knights of the Round Cable’ – A Physics-based Swinging Game

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Earlier this afternoon, Jared and I gave Knights of the Round Cable [99¢] a… spin. If this article’s headline didn’t already tip you off, it’s a physics-based swing game that puts you in the boots of a knight armed with a grappling hook. With the tool, the knight can swing around the game’s assortment of levels freely, picking up gems and avoiding enemies along the way. The goal of the game is to simply collect as much loot and points as possible, the former of which can then be exchanged for upgrades.

The literal hook is a neat twist on what is otherwise an endless runner. The art and audio design are superb compliments to the action, too, and it’s always nice to see non-offensive optional IAP functionality.

Our guts say that anyone with a hankering for another endless type of experience will be able to get behind Knights. But if you’re on the fence, we’ve got your back:

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