We've just go word from publisher Crescent Moon that Slingshot Racing [$2.99 / Free] will be receiving an update "soon" that'll add four-play asynchronous online play to the core game. A few new tracks are also set to come in this update, expanding on the game's somewhat meagre offering of eight. As you'll see in the screens below, some of these tracks will feature broken bits of road that users will need to bounce over as they race.

Slingshot Racing is kind of a special game to us since its design actually embraces the touch screen. In the game, you "sling" cars around tracks with a gesture, as opposed to, say, pressing virtual sticks and whatnot. Our original review is here, but spoiler: it's an awesome game. Check it out if you haven't.

  • Krautboy

    Awesome. As good as this game is it really would benefit from some additional features.
    Kudos to the devs for bringing us more multiplayer options that would work better as what's offered now. Respcect.(bounces chest and offeres an uncunningly handshake.

  • Adams Immersive

    Neat! Disc Drivin’ has me hooked on asynchronous turn-bases racing, and I like Slingshot Racing a lot already. It will be interesting to see how they handle turn-taking with the sling mechanic. I can’t picture it yet.

  • ManuD

    I played this game for a little while (for about a week) & enjoyed it. I'm sure new stuff would make me get on with it again.
    I know in their previous update, they reduced difficulty to get 3 bolts in early stages (But by the time of update, I had completed those stages with 3 bolts on original difficulty). Now, I'm stuck at 2-3 last stages for want of three bolts. I've tried hard but haven't been able to get 3 bolts. Hope there's some kinda help in coming update.