Nearly a year ago at PAX East, developer Psyonix was showing off their brand new mobile space shooter ARC Squadron. While busying themselves with PC and downloadable console games since then, presumably there was somebody still toiling away at their promising looking space combat game.

And apparently it’s finally getting closer to completion, as they’ve recently released a new trailer showing off the gameplay in ARC Squadron. First off, the visuals are quite impressive, and I’m getting a heavy Star Fox vibe from what I’ve seen of the combat mechanics. This is definitely a good thing. Check it out for yourself.

While ARC Squadron certainly looks good, which is not surprising as it’s powered by the Unreal Engine, one thing I have no idea about is how the game controls. I don’t see virtual sticks or buttons, so I’m guessing it’s a tap-to-shoot type of affair with swipe gestures for performing barrel rolls and the like. That’s just a guess, though.

We’ve reached out for more info on ARC Squadron, and hopefully can get our hands on a build soon. There’s no set pricing or release date just yet, but it sounds like it’s heading for a release before the end of the year. Stay tuned for more details.

  • Dpad

    I want!!!

  • mcorleonep

     Looks great but the iPad controls will make or break this game.

  • jason

    The one problem I see with this game is that the reticule is in a fixed position - always above the ship. In starfox the reticule moved around, if you were flying down, it was below the ship, same for left and right motion too. It gave the game a better sense of depth. Still, this game looks damn good.

  • Fraser 'Beesting' Morgan

    Yesterday I was just dreaming of a Star Fox it is.  Weird.

  • 11liker99

    Any game that is made w/ unreals game engine will be sick no matter wat. I hope they do good on this game. It looks so freakin awesome!!

    • 11liker99

      Uhhhh ok then y would u do that.

  • bigrand1

    Yeah, this does look RAD, but of course it will boil down to how it controls and what kinds of controls are offered here. That'll decide whether this sinks or swims, IMO. Looking forward to seeing how that goes......... 

    • 11liker99

      True but I think they most likely will have decent controls at the least

      • bigrand1

        You can't assume that. You only find out when the game actually comes out. 

  • Tim Cant

    Just watching this trailer makes me want to find a frog and call it a little bitch

  • Jonathan Severn

    Looks f~@king awesome. Great art style.Would prefer a version not on rails, something more like Rogue Squadron. 

  • Jay

    This looks like a must-buy - I love Star Fox (even though I was never good at it).  The music rocks, too.

  • araczynski

    too bad the ship doesn't roll or anything, i mean i think the game could use more of that...

  • Uncopyrightable

    Do a barrel roll!!

  • db2

    My body is ready.

  • dplynx

    One thing I wish game developers would stop doing: using annoying voice distortion to indicate "over the comm voices". It's not needed, and if anything it works against immersion. At least don't overdrive it so much! Lay off the audio filters, they may be fun for you to play with but we have to hear it!

  • shadowtracer

    Any updates on this game?