True Axis’s 2009 breakout hit Jet Car Stunts [$1.99 / Free] is at long last getting proper iPad support the developer has revealed on our forums. Jet Car Stunts mixes platforming, racing, and stunts together in a crazy fun package, and it was one of the most unique games available in the earlier days of the App Store.

Fans have been asking for iPad support since Apple’s tablet was first released in early 2010. It might have taken a couple of years, but they’re finally getting their wish.

And it’s not merely the bigger screen getting supported, but it’s also being optimized for each version of iPad. It runs solid on the original iPad, runs at 60fps with multi-sampling on the iPad 2, and 60fps with multi-sampling as well as full Retina Display support on the new iPad (and the iPhone 4S, too).

Also, remember when we told you True Axis was developing a game called True Skate? Well, that project is currently in full swing, and there is a neat teaser video showing a small bit of gameplay which you can check out on their Facebook page. Once True Skate finishes up, the studio will jump right back into creating the long, long awaited sequel Jet Car Stunts 2.

The iPad update for Jet Car Stunts should be submitted any day now, so keep your eyes out for it to hit soon. We’ll have any new details on True Skate and Jet Car Stunts 2 as they’re available.

  • DeInit

    HELL'S EFFIN BELLS YEAH. Thank you so much, True Axis, I knew undying trust was not a mistake!

  • jindofox

    I love it when old games get updated. 

  • bigred447uk

    I've have this game on my phone constantly since day one ! It's an awesome game, never to be deleted !

  • IMNS

    Havent played JCS in ages. Easily one of the best games I ever played on my ipod. Bring it on!

  • GSJ1977

    Finally! Awesome news.

  • postmodernpilot

    This is one of the best games I've ever played in my life. I can't wait for this update along with JCS2 and True Skate!!!!

  • Laszlo Tuss

    I cant say how awesome it is!
    One of my favourites.
    Please dont forget to add gamecenter support also. ( but dont leave openfeint :] )

    • True Axis

      Thanks for the coverage Touch Arcade. I hope people appreciate the update.

      As far as game center support goes, we tried doing that for an earlier update, but game center was way to limited so we gave up. Still not doing it for this update... although, just thinking about it, game center achievements might be ok. Still, the most important thing is to get iPad support to everybody who has been waiting so long!

      • DeInit

        Nice. Also suggesting, for a future update if possible, to include iCloud saving to share progress between devices. But in the meantime, by all means go with your plans for the iPad release. =D

  • bigred447uk

    The original has never left my phone. It was the best game on the AppStore on release and still holds it's own. Now it sits in my 'Classics' folder but I still boot it up occasionally.

    I can't wait for this sequel. It's guaranteed to be absolutely awesome.