Bradley and I take a look at Madfinger Games' latest shooter, Dead Trigger [Free]. It's a graphical showpiece, that clearly exhibits both what the iPhone and iPad is capable of as well as what the latest version of Unity can do. The basic premise of the game is that of your typical zombie game. You're in a city filled with zombies, and you've got to survive and shoot your way out.

We play through the first few levels, go through some of the IAP items, and get introduced to a couple characters in the game's story. Check it out:

  • JkR93

    any news on when "The End" is coming out?

    btw this game is fun yet the conrols are typical iOS FPS

    • Klas Segeljakt

      What is "The End", does it have something to do with MGS3? 🙂

  • Marley Listmann

    Good looking game, Even on my ancient iPhone 4. If you get past the first hour of BORING gameplay, The game starts to get somewhat enjoyable (but it's still repetitive.) As far as I've played (a few hours) There is only 4 maps. This gets very boring, very fast. Overall, pretty game but Very shallow Gameplay and very linear, reminds me of another series on iOS (Infinity Blade)

    • bloop

      Anchient Iphone 4.....i have a 3GS

      • Syed Zeeshan

        plz can you tell me which game can i play on my iphone 3gs 32gb 

  • Metal Jesus Rocks

    Man, it's just amazing that graphics like these are on a mobile device. Wow. We've come so far, so quickly.

  • Jay MacEachern

    Just out of curiosity?? Why does everyone feel so entitled to so much with a .99 cent purchase? 
    Considering you can barely even buy things in a corner store for .99 cents, I think you guys really need to re-examine your review structure with mobile apps. Platforms have to be graded individually, as they all offer different experiences. iPhone gaming's top titles are not console experiences, they are pick up and play experiences. Yet over the course of your review you constantly compare it to a console title.

    • TomCrown

      Lots of developers charge $5+ and provide substantial game play and people have no problem paying for that. The trend seems to be charge .99 have mediocre game play and lots of questionable IAP.

      This feels like a tech demo, tons of potential but not realized. Samurai 1 & 2 from Madfinger where great games story and ply wise. They should have applied that to this game.

      • chamuscao

        Play a bit more and you'll forget about the Tech Demo thing. The first minutes with the pistol I thought the same, and now I don't. This genre of zombie games (you can buy, upgrade etc your guns with credits while not playing), like Combat Arms, has this problem.

    • bradnicholson

      It's a video game.

      More to your point, though, quality is quality. There are some pretty uninspired points of design in this. Platform has nothing to do with that.

    • carlosaguilera

      I completely agree with this comment, for me this game it's great for short sessions of play, is like an angry birds but with impressive graphics engine and of course... zombies!

      40 hours of gameplay in exchange for 12 pesos / .99 c is an amazing deal, more maps will be great but I hope that arrive with the updates

      Saludos desde México!

    • wim

      Dude your richt!! I hate the review it sucks monky balls!! Its not a console game! The controles are abselutly awesome i think mister profesional gamer just sucks ass in games! Im so angry now.. Dragonbal z styl!! Its like you hate this devolper! Its mutch better than vita- resistance ! And its gameplay is fast and sweet. 1 maeger doller for a chit load of fun! Nova 3 must learn from thes guys .. No the reviewers wher on crack.. And probebly now playing angry birds.. Pleas buy the game!! Mutchbetter than the zomby game from call of duty an a lot more prettier!!

      • robmerrell

        Not really. This is from madfinger's website: "Console-quality FPS action from the creators of SHADOWGUN!" (

        If the developers compare their game with console games you can only expect that reviewers will do the same.

      • zethca


      • bloop

        TA are trolls, in their review for Smash Cops they actually recommended the push controls rather than the  Right there I knew something was messed up with their tastes. But I still like the site for the information.

  • David Massee

    3 stars, for the graphics

  • David Massee

    3stars, for gthe graphics

    • wim

      No 5 stars dude imagne a complet story game like nova 3 with thes grapiks?? Jess indeed awesome

  • asolja

    Looks good,shame about Laurel and Hardy continually waffling on and on.They sure like the sound of their voice,which seems to ruin the footage.

  • Tim Richard

    I've put around an hour into it and I have to say it's worth the .99c, but the game itself is NOT as impressive as the graphics are.  Its just WAY to simplistic and easy.  Run back and forth through super small levels shooting zombies (sometimes not even bothering shooting zombies on the "fetch" missions) that spawn from certain walls within it. There's no challenge at all yet.  I'm hoping it picks up eventually, but I'm just not seeing it to be honest.  Again, its worth the money, you should get it if you're interested.  Just set your expectations to "I'll enjoy this for a little while and move on".

  • Spunky_Monkey007

    You watch when someone does a review on here,i bet they give it 3-3.5 stars.

    I think Laurel and Hardy have a problem with the Madfinger Guys and Girls that goes back to ShadowGun and that after they slated that game in initial review.

    This game will probably get slated as well,haven't seen the video but i can just imagine already 😉

    It's not a console game,no iOS game will ever be a console game,it'll always be an iOS game 😉 so comparing the two platforms is idiotic.

    This is a great looking game,ok needs a few things adding and that and you will either love it or hate it for whatever reason you see fit,BUT it's just a game after all like all the rest and blah blah blah...........The End

    • Hugo Carvalho

      From the app's description in the app store: "CONSOLE-quality FPS action from the creators of Shadowgun".

      "just a game after all like all the rest and blah blah blah .... The end" - the eloquence in these words. You totally nailed these game's detractors. Well said, sir, well said.

      As to game itself: it is obviously a rather mediocre, soulless one for which I think the designation some are giving - tech demo - fits perfectly.

  • Jay

    I like the graphics, but I'm horrible with first-person controls on my iPad.  If I'm going to kill time playing an fps I just hop on my computer. 

    The game does look pretty impressive, though.  Hopefully they make a lot of money on it and expand their studio.    🙂

  • xDyNaMiiCx

    This game blows. black ops zombies is still better.

    • Broli95

      Ahahahhahahah, Good one

  • GiHubb

    Great "quicklook" 🙂 I hope you guys keep doing these, the commentary was terrific as well. A GIANT step forward for TA - this is da BOMB! (can you spot the pun?)

    • zethca

      Video needs more Vinny and Brad

  • haunTd

    To be honest, I felt disappointed with the game. The effects are nice (and no more than that) but the main menu and the casualness of game mechanics makes it feel more like a 3D 'Zombieville USA' than a score on the genre. Basically, I expected a more hardcore-gaming experience.
    Oh, and I don't care if it's worth .99$ only, if I cared price over quality I would still have my old Nokia 1100 (which it's a great phone still, btw).

  • bloop

    Why does Eli sound like such a socially awkward, insecure nerd?.......oh wait....

    • Eli Hodapp


  • phuong vo

    I thought this game was alot of fun for 99 cents.

  • evilpaul

    I really like the format of chatting over gameplay footage, much more entertaining than a podcast or gameplay vid on it's own.

    As for the game, yeesh, should have employed at least one writer, right? "You see a big black dude chomping a cigar" really?

  • iHateU

    Boring game with nice visuals.

  • Tim Cant

    Loving the videos guys! XD

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Someone forget to add Game Center, so someone will forget to buy the game.....

  • FreezeFrozen

    I post here just to share my bad feeling & regrets: I bought this game wich looks so nice on teaser, and even during the first minutes of the game. Then comes the in app purchase system, wich KILLS the pleasure of playing.
    I can pay the price for a good game. But this time madfinger really disapoint me...they are getting too deep in business, and too far away from the good spirit of game makers.
    At least gameloft is more honest... even if they copy games, they sell it for a true price, and make it free when there is in app purchase stuff.

    • Rick Payne

      But you really don't need to use IAP in the game to progress. Within an hour I had a Machine pistol, 30 minutes later a shotgun. Do you think a game should give you everything right at the start? Because thats counter to modern game design, in Uncharted 3 do you get an AK47 in the first level? Or in Zelda do you get all his tools at the start?

  • R

    /you know how you said you didn't want to be a jerk about it? you were a jerk about it.

  • Syed Zeeshan

    can i play nova  1 2 3 mc3 etc