‘Team Fortress 2’ Crew Will Be The Next ‘Hero Academy’ Team

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Here’s a neat one: the bubbly mercenaries from Team Fortress 2 will be the next team to grace Robot Entertainment’s insanely good strategy title Hero Academy [Free]. But you won’t be able to unlock them on your iPhone or iPad unless you purchase the Steam version of the game, which is due out this coming August 8 and boasts this team as a point of sale.

How is this possible? Your Hero Academy account is cross-platform, a representative told us this morning. Any content that you’ve purchased on the iOS version of the title will be usable in the Steam version and vice versa.

The upcoming Steam version and our beloved iOS version will also offer cross-platform play. So, you’ll be able to rock out against the entire Academy community, no matter what platform someone is on. That’s pretty neat.

Just to be clear, you need to buy the PC version of Academy in order to use the Team Fortress 2 team on iPhone or iPad. We’re guessing these guys are going to be a pretty popular bunch come August 8, so it might be wise to get really familiar.

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