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‘Outwitters’ Is Launching On iPhone And iPad Next Week

Here’s some awesome news for your eyeballs: One Man Left‘s so-radical-it-hurts turn-based strategy game Outwitters is coming out next week. Specifically, it hits iPad and iPhone this coming Thursday, July the 5. The price? Zero dollars.

We couldn’t be more pumped about the game’s impending release. Played asynchronously, Outwitters is a little like Chess meets StarCraft. It has all the hardcore strategy and positioning of that classic game, but tosses in bombs, twisted aliens, a dash of base-building, and a lot of stabbing. Or smashing. Or Shooting. It’s a great blend.

Just FYI: One army will be available at launch with another two being offered as IAP. It just so happens we’ve got some screens of the three armies in action right here, so look no further:

We’ll be bringing you a lot more on Outwitters in the near future, so buckle up. One Man says an official trailer is on the way, too, and we’ll show you that as soon as it hits the Web. Now, excuse us while we go sharpen our skills.