Curiously absent from this week's release onslaught was Madfinger Games' Dead Trigger [Free], but following our forums it sounds like they were victim of some 11th hour Apple approval drama. Regardless of the reason for the delay, Dead Trigger is finally here. The game is a buck, and features a wide array of IAP options for various in-game currencies to unlock additional weaponry, power ups, and other things like that.

We're not very far into the game just yet, so it remains how optional these IAP items are, but it seems like you earn enough money from playing that at least the early options seem to be easily earned just by playing.

We'll have a full review, and potentially even some gameplay video shortly. In the meantime, swing by the thread in our forums.

  • JkR93

    Anyone know if theres retina graphics for the new iPad? Thanks.

    • Brian Taylor

      Yes, it is absolutely stunning on the new iPad!

  • ImJPaul

    Omg yes!!!! This just MADE my day. I was complaining all night to my gf about how this wasn't out. Superb.

    • Justin Shum

      You were complaining all night to your girlfriend how this wasn't out? LOL. Nice.

  • Paul Hopper

    Very nice game 🙂 where's the achievements though?

  • Adams Immersive

    Someone should make a movie or a game where bunch of people—soldiers, everyday people, whatever—have died. Even before the game begins! But the catch is—get this—their corpses have come “alive” again and are now violent and dangerous, not to mention kind of gross looking! But they could also be kind of stupid and mindless. Not as much of a threat until you face many of them at once. Who’s with me?

    • Anakin Bush

      Sounds to me like Left4Dead...

      • wim

        Its awesome just buy itt

  • Mhunt190

    Are the graphics like the Tegra version with water effects

    • IMNS

      Dunno about other devices but on iPad 3 it has all the effects. Looks absolutely amazing!

    • agentblank

      Those graphics are on tegra as well as the 4s and ipad3 and maybe iapd 2

  • GamerDECODED

    Go check out my Dead Trigger gameplay on my youtube channel


  • Himmat Singh

    Is the game limited? Small environment? How on Earth did they make it a little more than 100MB only? 

  • izzynobre

    Madfinger swindled me out of a promised multiplayer update to Shadowgun and my policy with devs who pull this move is to never buy anything they put out again.

    A little harsh? Maybe. It's just that I've been a part of the iOS gaming scene from the very beginning and I've seen this happening way too often. A stand needs to be made.

  • asiangamer

    Ok this game totally bomb my iPad 2 man! The graphic are very astonishing and spectacular in every way u know what would be better? A storyline and multiplayer than it will be the best FPS on AppStore better than MC3 n NOVA3! Like seriously they should do that.... Graphic is SOOO good....

    • wim

      Yea ther good:) if this game was puur single player its a vita killer!! Resistance looks like chit compared with this

      • Daniel Courchene

        So... you're one of the developers right?

  • Roland1580

    shadowgun was beautiful, but boring. the same history with dead trigger - extremely beautiful, but extremely boring

    • wim

      Its NOT boring. Fucking buy it or go and play angry birds

      • Roland1580

        bought it already, lol
        really beautiful but really awful level design. and it's boring. few types of zombies. few types of missions. small and annoying locations. arrrgh

  • Caleb Paul Yim

    Is there a multi player update gonna come out with bigger levels?