Wade McGillis' Astronot [$1.99 / Free] certainly feels like an incredible Metroid-like action adventure experience. After crashing on a strange and alien-infested world, you, as a space garbage man, are tasked with exploring and surviving in your mysterious surroundings. Filled to the brim with hidden power-ups, sudden boss battles, and back-tracking, it's definitely something we think you should keep your eye on if you're into this kind of title.

We're still checking it out as a whole for a review in the future, but we did take the time to give you a glimpse of the early part of the game. Join Eli and I as we unravel the mysteries of Astronot ... and die a lot in the process. Video below:

  • wassupbiloxi

    Really fun but... I think I'm stuck? I went down a long pipe (with only the jump upgrade and a handful of health boosts) and beat a slug boss, but everything else around here seems to require stuff I don't have. There's a door that would get me to freedom if I could open it, but none of the switches I can access do the trick.

    A map would be great. As would more frequent save points. The game is true to its roots, at least.

  • wassupbiloxi

    Okay, after checking the forums it looks like this is a common problem. And the developer is kinda weirdly rude about it? Huh. Well, I hope it gets fixed.

    • Tranceaholic

      The developer is aware of the problem and submitted an update - it's now just a matter of Apple posting it to the App Store.

  • stormchild

    That "Zelda aesthetic" is actually just the standard NES font that every game used.

  • http://twitter.com/mguniverse Danny Perski

    This game is the bees knees. 

  • Derek Sneed

    This game is better than tetris.

  • Fabiano Morais

    Just had the time to give it a go and it is an interesting little game. I think the dev didn't want to include a map function to stay true to the games that inspired it, so it doesn't bother me. In fact, I think it gives the game a "where the hell am I supposed to go next/ haven't I been here before?" feel that was part of the fun of older Metroid-like games. Pretty much enjoying it so far.

  • crustyjusty

    I'm stuck in the same place as Wassup.  I am having a lot of fun, so once the game flows a little more smoothly, I look forward to giving it a great review.