So, Here’s What ‘Astronot’ Is All About

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Wade McGillisAstronot [$1.99 / Free] certainly feels like an incredible Metroid-like action adventure experience. After crashing on a strange and alien-infested world, you, as a space garbage man, are tasked with exploring and surviving in your mysterious surroundings. Filled to the brim with hidden power-ups, sudden boss battles, and back-tracking, it’s definitely something we think you should keep your eye on if you’re into this kind of title.

We’re still checking it out as a whole for a review in the future, but we did take the time to give you a glimpse of the early part of the game. Join Eli and I as we unravel the mysteries of Astronot … and die a lot in the process. Video below:

  • Astronot

    A lowly garbage worker on a trading ship is the only survivor after a crash on an uncharted planet filled with strange beings.

    Explore the planet's surface and what lies beneath!
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