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Ravenous Games Announces ‘Random Heroes’, Original ‘League of Evil’ Free for Limited Time

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Following the launches of League of Evil 2 ($2.99) and Burger Cat ($2.99) earlier this year, Ravenous Games has announced what it’s latest upcoming project is (in addition to being in the middle of porting Burrito Bison to the App Store). It’s called Random Heroes, and it’s a pixely platformer in the same vein as the League of Evil series, but with a grander scope.

As Ravenous describes it in our forums, “Random Heroes is an action platformer with larger levels (finally), guns, boss battles and collectable coins which you can use to unlock new costumes and weapons.” Here are the first screens, and you can also check out a picture of all the different characters in the game.

There is a Flash version of Random Heroes which came out this past December that you can check out, and it’s a fairly awesome little platformer that plays like a distant cousin of Mega Man. It’s not clear if the iOS version is a direct port of the original or if there will be special enhancements on the iPhone.

We’ll hound Ravenous for more details, but either way we’ll find out soon as they’re shooting for a release sometime next month. Additionally, Ravenous has just dropped the price of the first League of Evil to free for a limited time, and that’s a mandatory download if you don’t already have it.

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