Temple Run: Brave [99¢], the latest runner from the creators of Temple Run, is now out and available on the App Store for 99¢. In a nutshell, it's a cool iteration of Temple Run that throws in an archery mechanic, which manages to fit in really well with the game's running and collecting action. The Brave connection is pretty strong, too: the game has a similar visual style and it boasts characters and elements from the upcoming flick.

We gave Brave a go earlier this month and liked what we saw. We'll be giving it a go for review, too, so look out for that. Screens below!

  • Corrie Kasal

    Looks much foggier and washed out on my iPhone 4.  Also does not have Game Center achievements or leaderboards. Granted they would probably be about the same but it is disappointing.

  • Mr. Grizzly

    I just love all the character's comments! A little bit of sass as she gets "tired of all this jumping."

  • A British Nerd

    Have they fixed the game being entirely in French yet? It was mentioned in all the reviews and put me off a purchase for now. (I'm far too bust with Pocket Planes anyway :P)

  • Nate

    Given the fact that the "base" Temple Run game is free, and the fact that this is really more of an advertisement-in-game-form than a real game, I'm sort of surprised that they went ahead and charged for this.  All the other game tie-ins I can think of have been built on the platform of paid rather than free games, so paying for another version didn't seem that unusual.  Some even went so far as to come out as free versions of their paid original (the "Hop" version of Doodle Jump, for example, or the Hunger Games release that was vaguely based on Canabalt).  

    Making this free probably would have resulted in more than 10x the downloads, and a lot more opportunity to sell their IAPs . . .

    • Tondog

      It's Disney, so I'm not shocked they charged a little bit for it.

    • Benegesserit

      Angry Birds Rio

      • Nate

        Right ... Angry Birds Rio is a paid game that was built on the platform of a paid game (Angry Birds), so it fits the pattern I was describing.  Unless you had some other point?

  • FreezeFrozen

    bought it yesterday...first impression was not so good (execpt the satisfaction of clean graphics & nice animation)...then come the shop, the power ups, etc...classic stuff, but still working good.
    One scary thing is that endless runner phenomena.hundreds of games now.This is still the same thing finally, and we are still playing at it, and running after it !! wtf...