At WWDC in San Francisco this afternoon, we caught our first actual in-game glimpse of MechWarrior: Tactical Command. In a nutshell, Tactical Command is a real-time tactical game that has you controlling up to four mechs in scripted 3D missions. It'll launch with 21 missions total later this summer, with multiplayer and additional single-player content coming down the line.

Perhaps the coolest component we saw during the brief demonstration were the old-school MechWarrior trimmings in motion. When a mech's leg is damaged, for example, it limps. If you fire energy weapons too much and too fast, mechs will overheat. Commands like charge and "alpha strike" were also detailed, proving that creator Personae Studios is looking to perfectly blend traditional real-time strategy to these basic MechWarrior elements.

The mission we saw this afternoon was late in the first chapter. Taking place in a large field, you were tasked to protect one mech against several waves of enemy mechs and various mobs. At the beginning, the mech you need to protect stomps to the middle of the field, you surround him with your four mechs strategically, and then you struggle keep him alive, as you pluck through move, attack, run, and stop commands via a snappy radial menu.

Personae says Tactical Command is set to hit iPad at some point later this summer. What we say today looked fantastic -- and pretty faithful to the franchise -- so we'll definitely be following up a little later with a hands-on preview.

  • Timothy Polumbo

    screw iPad.  What about iPhone?

  • regkilla

    first Infinity Blade Dungeon for the iPad then this for the iPad. No love for iPhone 4S :/

  • powa

    If this is like mech commander, like you can capture enemy mech etc, I'm sold!

    • DotComCTO

      Totally agree. I'm all over this if this like MechCommander. I've been thinking about that game and how it would be great on iOS. I hope this is the real deal and not some pale imitation. Keeping fingers crossed!

  • David Markowitz

    Hmm, well this COULD be cool.  I'm a huge Mechwarrior fan (looking forward to MW Online and Hawken as well), but that's for the first person sims/shooters.  While I do like tactics games a lot too, the devs would have to do the controls, missions, and mech customization well, to make this a good game.  Graphics would be nice too, but not quite as important.  Curious about the comment that this is a "real time" tactics game - so something like Raid Leader or Battleheart?

  • Todd

    First iMech... now this?!  23 years ago my favorite game was BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Revenge.  I am really excited about these giant fighting robot games about to be released.

  • Austin Riddle

    That trailer was absolutely horrible...i'm sorry

  • jay401

    Ah, so THIS is what Smith & Tinker have been up to with the MechWarrior IP the past couple years. Hope it's good. I love the IP, and the Mech Commander games like this were pretty cool on PC back in the day.

  • James D. Dunn

    Agree with Jay. MW is an IP I grew up with and am completely in love with. I hope they do a good job and I am stoked to play this.