Coming Tonight: ‘Mutant Storm’, ‘Pocket Planes’, ‘Temple Run Brave’, ‘WarGames: WOPR’ and More

Even though we’re going crazy meeting developers at WWDC, there’s no stopping the avalanche of games coming this week. Just like last week, the week before, and (most likely) next week, all of these games will be available at 11:00 PM Eastern. There’s some great stuff in this list, so let’s get the party started. This is a quick hits style coming tonight post, so for more details be sure to hit up the forum links.

Babel Rising 3D, $2.99Forum Thread

Bop It! Smash, FreeForum Thread

Disco Kitten, 99¢Forum Thread

Eager Beaver, 99¢Forum Thread

Human Defense, $1.99Forum Thread

Max Astro: Stranded Beyond the Stars, FreeForum Thread

Mutant Storm, $2.99Forum Thread

Pocket Planes, FreeForum Thread

Suspect in Sight, 99¢Forum Thread

Temple Run Brave, 99¢Forum Thread

Total Toadz, 99¢Forum Thread

WarGames: WOPR, 99¢Forum Thread