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‘MechWarrior: Tactical Command’ Coming to iOS in 2012

It’s hard to come up with an IP I have more fond memories of than the MechWarrior family. Anyone remember the actual BattleTech Centers? After spending a few hours in one of those, you basically become a MechWarrior fan for life. Anyway, MechWarrior: Tactical Command was announced mere moments ago, and is the first MechWarrior title designed for iOS. It’s apparently even been in development since 2009, and it utilizes touch controls to facilitate a real time tactics system of battling. Check out the trailer:

Over 30 mech options will be included, along with an advanced weapon system and all sorts of missions to complete. Details aside from that are vague right now, but we expect more information to start dribbling out next year as the game gets closer to release.

[via MTV Multiplayer]