Cyan Worlds' Real Myst, or "realMyst for iPad" as its now being called, has a release date. According to a post on the studio's Facebook page, Cyan expects Real Myst to hit the iPad 2 and iPad 3 on June 14. Over 60 designers, coders, and programmers combined have touched the project, the post also shares.

Real Myst isn't a new thing, by the way: it's just a port of a real-time version of the original game. Released in November 2000, Real Myst's real-time rendering and streaming -- which allowed users to explore Myst much more fluidly and intuitively -- was cutting edge stuff. Technology! It moves fast!

  • Peter Song

    wow I remember playing the old Myst on my trusty Centris 610. Can't wait for this!

    • TechUser2011

      I also remember playing this on my old PowerMac 7100 back in the mid-1990s. Every scene change resulted in CD-ROM access that was soooooo sloooow. 

      Now an iPad is able to render the scenes in real-time. Love technology!

      • Peter Song

        ahh those were the days wasn't it? I really hope they make a iOS-networked version of Bolo...OMG i would DIE if Bolo came out!!

  • Jason Perry

    Well, there goes another weekend to gaming... One of the apps I am looking forward to this summer along with Balder's Gate and Infinity Blade: Dungeons.

  • Phyllis Calvert

    This game is going to be so awesome, the scenes look incredible, so realistic, can't wait

  • Kim

    That's one ugly hand

  • Drummerboycroy

    Myst on my iPad? Uhm, yeah!


  • Darrell Markie

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I don't care about hands ever but a stunt hand was needed for this

  • mondoz

    Back in my day, we played Myst on stone tablets that we had to carve ourselves. We were lucky to get 1 frame per hour.
    And resolution? 10 pixels per tablet was just amazing. We could almost make out the cursor on good days.
    Kids with their fancy 2x CD-ROMs and their super VGA nowadays just don't know how good they've got it.

  • swatbot

    I bought it immediately (I've a long airplane ride in a day and this will be my entertainment).. Overall I'm happy.

    As this is a first person perspective game (tho certainly not a shooter), I do have to say the interface is a bit odd.  It foregoes standard FPS style controls for a -tap to walk- style interface.. meaning you tap and hold down to move forward, or tap with two fingers to move backward (you cannot look sideways while you walk).  Also, by default swiping rotates the camera exactly the reverse of every other first person perspective game on the app store--however this is easily fixed by going into the menu and selecting to invert the controls--problem solved.  Interacting with the world, no problems to speak of at all.There is some slowdown/frame rate issues in complex scenes, especially on the main island.. it seems my poor little Ipad 2 is chugging when it has to render that much stuff.  The game loads areas on the fly.. sometimes the areas take a while to load, usually no more than a few seconds however.  The game does take a while to load when you start it up though, so be warned, it hasn't crashed, just go get a cup of joe and come back.. 😛

    I'm bloody impressed with how detailed the textures are for a game from 12 years ago.  I forgot just how elaborate this game was for its time.  Really the only thing I can say is that the lighting/surface effects might not be up there with recent games.  Overall compared to other ipad games though, this game looks pretty freaking good on my ipad2.  If anything it shows its age eerily enough with the not-3d stuff aka the videos.. they look pretty old and low res.. that and portions of the soundtrack sound a little dated.  Overall the sound design is sufficient.

    I wonder how this game will hold up compared to modern game design especially with its absence of any creatures to interact with (other than through books).  It really does feel like an adventure game from the 90's interface and puzzle wise.. but with a bizarre mix of surrealist steampunk thrown in.  Anyway it's partially nostalgia for me, partially that I never finished the game before..  Anyway I'm quite enjoying it so far!

  • cyril0108

    Now compatible with iPhone. A dream comes true 😛