Surprise! Introversion Software's minimalist hacker RPG, Uplink, is now available on iPad for an agreeable $4.99. The original Uplink appeared on PC in 2001, and was praised for its minimalist design and dedication to the hacking experience. This version appears to be a strict port, but with more intuitive controls for its new platform.

If this is something of a shock to you, imagine how Introversion felt once it was shown its own game working on iPad. That's right -- this isn't exactly an Introversion joint. In an interview with Modojo, Introversion says that Uplink on iPad is a fan-made game with just a little added support from Introversion. It was first revealed to the studio in 2010.

"Well our original attempt to port Uplink to a mobile project started in about 2001 when we were looking at Palm OS and Windows CE. This iPad version started in earnest in 2010 when we were contacted by a fan who had bought the Uplink developer CD. We actually get a lot of contact from fans who promise to deliver ports but rarely have the tenacity, so our standard approach is to tell them to crack on and let us know when they have something to show.

In this case Andrew Carne did exactly that. He carried on plugging away and earlier this year he got to the point when he was pretty much done and we just tickled it up and put it out there..."

We'll be giving Uplink a spin for review, so stay tuned for some in-depth impressions and thoughts on it. The trailer is available here. Screens below.

[via Modojo]

  • oooooomonkey

    I really hope this is coming to iPhone/iPod as this was one of my all time fav games on pc.

  • Espekayen

    Hope this game makes it the iPhone soon. I do enjoy a good hacking session.

  • Jacob007

    Usually, the iPad version comes after the iPhone version. Get it right, Introversion! I'd like to grind Uplink!

    • maniacfive

      Having played a couple of games. Really not sure it would be a great experience on the iPhone.

      • Jacob007

        Is it any good on the iPad?

      • kioshi

        Yes, it's great, but the letters are a bit on the small side even on the iPad, it does feel like it needs a bigger screen, I can't play for extended periods because of that (I have headaches easily with small characters) so I guess it would be really bad on the iPhone, but it's a perfect port as far as I can tell.

  • subshell001

    I'm buying this to encourage them bringing Prison Architect to the iPad. That game is going to be ace.

  • maniacfive


    I mainly bought Uplink to show the dev iPad is a viable platform and please please please bring Defcon to the iPad. It would be amazeballs.

    However, what i take away from this is, unless there's someone working on porting it outside, Introversion probably aren't.

    This is really fun regaardless though

  • REkzkaRZ

    I'd def play Uplink on iPhone -- but can't see how it's earned a $5 price?!?

    Fun game, but compared to other game apps I'd put it at $3 max.

    Regardless, the orig PC game was good fun!

  • Gurney Halleck

    Still one of my favorite all time games on iOS! Loved the PC version and have been playing that for more than 12 years! This is such a unique sandbox game! So much depth and potential for original strategy! Really engaging and fast paced. A perfect port on iPad and will never leave my device!