By now, I'm sure most iOS gamers know that Cave has been bringing consistently fantastic ports of their huge catalog of games to the App Store for the past couple of years. Most recently, in early April, they released Bug Princess 2 [$4.99 / Free], a port of their original arcade game Mushihimesama Futari. We thought it was great in our review, as is basically everything Cave has put out on iOS so far, but it was a pretty standard port and unfortunately lacked the additional features of the Black Label version that had been released previously for the Xbox 360.

Today, Cave announced that the iOS platform is getting its own Black Label version of Bug Princess 2. It will contain several new features like a God mode, an alternate scoring system, and new challenges. The huge new addition though is a brand new Boss Rush mode which lets you run through the bosses from both the original Bug Princess [$4.99 / Free] as well as Bug Princess 2.

Something that stuck out at me in the trailer above was a small disclaimer stating that the new Boss Rush mode may be "subject to conditions and additional fees", which sounds rather worrisome. However, my guess is that this just means you'll be required to have the original Bug Princess installed in order to get the bosses from that game in Boss Rush mode, or something along those lines. We'll have to wait and see for confirmation on that.

Pricing and release date are also still to be determined, but based on Cave's past history I'd imagine Bug Princess 2 Black Label will be hitting within the next month or so and will likely fall somewhere in the $5 to $10 range. We'll let you know when we get confirmation of those details, but until then get excited for an enhanced version of one of Cave's many excellent shooters.

  • zergslayer69

    They could've just updated the current game or just added on iap options, but no, a whole new app. I wonder how long it'll be until they release this in hd.

  • Jeff

    I stopped buying Cave games.  For how expensive they are, they sure do expect you to buy new versions a lot.

  • BaronKrause

    Cave is getting into the really bad habit of releasing new versions of still relatively new games with small feature additions and/or retina graphics instead of updating their current one. You need to buy it again And any scoreboards/unlocks/progress are rendered useless, locked away in the old inferior game. It could of been done as an IAP update for the new features, but then they wouldn't be able to charge a full $10 again from people who already bought it.

    Its a bad practice that when done by a smaller publisher would normally brand them as a horrible company to stay away from.

    Is this version even Retina display optimized? If not maybe we should wait for Bug Princess 2 Black Label HD as by past track record, that will be a separate release.

  • lolshin

    Black Label versions FTFW. Need some hater-be-gone up in here.

    • BaronKrause

      They released this 2 months after the other. Most developers are still working out bugs from the initial release by this time and they already released an updated replacement instead of an update. That's just low, I don't care how much you love the company.

      • abodi

        Stop crying about it people, show some self control and vote with your wallet.

      • Bridget


        It might be a bad practice of theirs,

        But consider the alternative:  Ordering an expensive import version of the game, from Japan, for the 360.   A Japanese 360, which is what you'd have to have to play it, which is very expensive (and wont run games from any other region).   This is literally the ***ONLY*** other way you'd EVER be able to play this.  

        That they're releasing these on here AT ALL is bloody amazing.Also, "vote with your wallet" isnt going to work here.  Cave releases these ports.... but they've never been particularly bright about it.  Proof?   The old PS2 ports.   Have a look at those, and you might see what I mean.   Them releasing this as a seperate thing sounds more like they just didnt plan it well enough, which is.... par for the course for them, really.   "Vote with your wallet" all you want, they WONT be changing their ways of doing things.  Period.Not to mention.... this is the Black Label version of the game.  It's MORE than worth 10 dollars on here.   WAY more.  Black Label versions of these are generally even better than the original versions, and Futari in particular, considering the way it's put together, means it's BL versions of THREE seperate modes, with God mode replacing Ultra, and the other 2 remaining intact but heavily altered.You can either pick up one of the best shmups ever made..... which is what this is.... or you can whine a whole bunch and "vote with your wallet" because of 10 dollars and VERY MINOR inconvenience.The fact that anyone would even CONSIDER doing the second option, considering the alternatives (and considering how much retail games usually cost incomparison to the ALWAYS FREAKING CHEAP iOS games) gives me a headache.

      • Fred Brylczyk

        X360 Mushi Futari is region free. Also re: 'only with lots of asterisks' you could buy the pcb.

      • Chris Trejo

        "A Japanese 360, which is what you'd have to have to play it, which is
        very expensive (and wont run games from any other region)."

        I own a Japanese system for my arcade cabinet and I can play just about all US games on it (only found a couple exceptions which are not deal-breakers for me: Dead or Alive 4, Raiden IV, Deathsmiles, Virtua Fighter 5, Soul Calibur IV (V works, go figure) and Otomedius). Most of the time I'm either shmupping on it, or have friends over playing SSFIVAE or UMvC3 (US versions) on the system.

        That being said, I am disappointed that it is not an IAP, and is instead a separate app. I'm hype for the modes it has though, sounds like fun!

        And where oh where is iCade support! I have one of my arcade sticks modded with the PCB from a gutted iCade I bought from someone and no good CAVE shmups to use it on!

  • Spammo Twatbury

    I'm almost as tired of apologists making excuses for this sort of gouging as I am of Cave for doing it. Soon it WILL be $50 to own the "complete" iOS Bug Princess 2 by the time you've added all the versions and IAP together.

    (I also don't much care for having hundreds of megs of precious storage space occupied by multiple versions of the same game, the bulk of which will be duplicated data.)

  • Rick Lindeman

    Every Cave release seems to tamper my enthusiasm but.. happy with what i got... don't forget by the way, that their back catalogue is almost exhausted now, so if they;re not making a new game (and they are probably making one for the arcades i guess), they have to rerelease to keep making  money out of iOS....  ketsui would be nice though

    • Chris Trejo

      Ketsui and Muchi Muchi Pork! Ibara and Pink Sweets! MMP very highly unlikely, but hey, Fat Princess came out on PSN, so why not?

  • zethca

    Would happily pay $50 for any Cave iOS game. As long as there are people like me, nothing will change. I'm just happy they continue to release stuff and I'll support them in any way possible.