Capcom has seen a great response to the portable iOS versions of their big name fighting franchises like Street Fighter IV Volt [$4.99], Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 [$4.99], and Street Fighter II Collection [$3.99]. So it’s not really surprising that their latest fighting epic, Street Fighter X Tekken, which pits two rosters full of long-time franchise rivals against each other, might be making its way to iOS.

As noted by Famitsu, at the Capcom booth here at E3 there is a curious demo of Street Fighter X Tekken running on iOS devices. Apparently there aren’t solid plans to bring the game to the iOS platform just yet, and instead they’re just gauging the interest of such an endeavor. If you ask me, I think it’s pretty certain we’ll be seeing the title sometime down the road.

As you can see in the screens, the demo uses a similar virtual controls setup like those used in previous Capcom fighters on iOS, which have proven to be quite capable. The demo is limited to just four characters: Ryu and Kazuya on one team with Chun-Li and Nina on the other. We’ll be heading to Capcom’s booth later today to see if we can track down the demo of Street Fighter X Tekken for ourselves for some hands-on time, so stay tuned.

(Thanks to Ken for emailing this in!)

[Via Famitsu]

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  • Keven St-pierre

    nice this time is not a fu**** 2d sprites of 3d version! street fighter 4 on ios are shi* if you look the power like 3time powerful to 3ds and SF4 on 3ds are just WOW.

    • Out5poken

      Visually yes, the iOS version is inferior to the 3DS, however Volt is still enjoyable to play.

  • Paul

    If it's anywhere near as bad as everything else they have 'ported' then no thanks. (Only SF2 Collection bears any resemblance).  If the 3DS can do it iPhone4 and above certainly can.

  • PeterAM11

    Dear Capcom, YES PLEASE!!

    The only thing that's kept me from really ever fully enjoying the previous iOS ports were the sub-par graphics quality. This one should be pretty good. Plus, from what I've seen and heard, this game is just pretty awesome.

  • zergslayer69

    Hard to tell if that's really well done sprites or actual 3d. But I guess with how bad the sprites looked on volt, this is prob 3d, congrats capcom! Support a5 and up only please! And geez, universal, go go.

  • TheShahnameh

    The game was pitiful on 3DS. Arcade Edition with four extra characters was already out in arcades, yet they bring out the regular Super edition without those characters and had the nerve to ask $40 (at the time) for an outdated version of the game with static backgrounds? Volt, while have significantly less characters, is a fraction of the price and a much better deal. The graphics on the 3DS game are negligibly better, anyway.

    • TheShahnameh

      I was talking about Street Fighter IV, by the way.

    • acid_claus

      Have you even played the 3DS version? The arcade version was out at the time, but the extra characters were hidden until a later date (although some owners of the units hacked them). The console ports for Arcade came out months after the 3DS version and Capcom even teased on twitter that the 3DS version might receive the Arcade extras via DLC. So that's Capcom's fault, probably because the DLC system in the 3DS version wasn't designed (by Capcom) to process transactions, which was probably also Nintendo's fault, fixed now that they have eshop updates but I don't expect Capcom to update the game at this point or care because it's good enough and people still play it online.

      The backgrounds are not animated, but they are still in 3D and made up of polygons. So is the Vita version of MvC3 and the upcoming SFxT port.

      And the 3DS game is not just negligibly better graphically than Volt. It blows it away. Volt has 2D sprites made up of pre-rendered animations. The 3DS version is the full game running off of MT framework mobile and looking just like a scaled-down version of the others including the DOF effect and everything. Volt runs at 30fps and isn't retina. SF4 for 3DS runs at 30fps in 3D or 60fps in 2D.

      I know that Volt has it's fan based and an active online, and yet it is a good deal even on sale. But I can't bear my self to play it even on the go because the 3DS version is the real deal. Worth the $40 launch price even, but there were a ton of specials every week back then until the price dropped so I doubt many people even paid for it at full price.

      Side note, SFxT on consoles is SSF4 with Tekken characters. Same engine, same animations. New stuff obviously and it is a great game. But what I'm trying to say is from the look of the screen formatting in the above shots, that's the Volt engine (2D sprites). 

      • TheShahnameh

        Um yes, I've played it, thanks for asking. I own it, I bought it at launch since it was either that or Zelda and a 15 year-old N64 game (all 10 or so good games that they could mine from that console's history) was less appeling for $40 than an incomplete version of Super Street Fighter IV (granted, Zelda's great and all, I just wanted something I know I'd play more often and had an online/wi-fi versus mode, therefore Street Fighter seemed the lesser of two $40 evils) as the only good games that paperweight launched with.

        Wait, what?? There was no arcade version of Super minus extra characters, it was Arcade Edition with Yung and Yang from the go, and then Oni and Evil Ryu were hacked prior to Capcom's behest. The timeline goes Arcade Edition with "just" Yun and Yang first, then the 3DS edition in March of 2011, and then the console version of Arcade Edition with all characters came out July 2011... Does something not seem right to you? I don't enjoy feeling like I poured gasoline on my money, and they truly could have released the 3DS game with the complete Arcade Edition (which probably would have been a launch godsend for the 3DS and made it seem a little more special rather than us knowing Arcade Edition DLC for consoles was inevitable), but fed us bogus cop outs as to why they weren't. Had the outdated version come out on 3DS for half as much, I'd feel a tad better. And it's NOT that much damn better on MT Framework Mobile, really, and certainly not enough to justify highway robbery!

        Where am I going with this tired point? That even on iOS with one-half the characters, $5 is far more appealing. So, even though Street Fighter X Tekken will surely be watered-down, at a $5 or even $10 price point to have some version of that experience in my pocket knowing full well IN ADVANCE what I'm getting and not being SCAMMED, all is good in the world. 3DS is another gimmick from the company known to sucker the populace with gimmicks ("B-b-but Zelda, Mario, and Metroid games are always good!" Wow, six good games a year and enough shovelware to fill The Grand Canyon, oh boy!), iOS is by far the pocketbook-friendly bang for the buck and is executing 3DS (the price drop saved their @$$, but still, I imagine they're on borrowed time with a dearth their utter dearth of good software) and PSVita at point-blank range, and all the sooner, the better!

      • Bender Rodriguez

        iOS fanboy....what a surprise

      • Bridget

        Blazing dipwad....  what a surprise.

        Some people just arent going to like stuff like the 3DS.   That's just how it goes.  I agree with him;  the damn thing is yet another gimmick, from the company that hasnt produced stuff OTHER than gimmicks in years.  And at least the damn Wii, much as I hate it, had the potential for it's gimmick to be used for gameplay purposes;  THIS thing, with it's "3D" effect, well..... it doesnt have that.  At all.  Period.  It's PURELY a graphical effect.

        Oh, but it gets better!  Some people cant actually SEE the effect no matter what they do.  Still others get nasty headaches from looking at it, or similar effects.  So some of the customer base would literally be buying what is essentially a DS with a "3" added to the name;  there wouldnt be any other difference for those that either cannot see it at all, or just cannot use it because of splitting headaches.   Golly, this deal just sounds better and better!

        So, unnecessary and completely useless effect that may or may not produce splitting headaches....  and then they seal the deal by adding the single worst game lineup I've ever seen.  JOY!  We get yet more wonderful Nintendo rehashes, the occasional (rare, rare, rare) new thing like the Mario one, and then.... buckets and buckets of shovelware!   Just like the Wii, oh goody! 

        And all at a wonderful $40 price point per game.  Sign me up!   Except for the part where NO.   Dont sign me up.  Ever.  Because it's horrid.

        You dont have to be a fanboy of anything else to see the many problems with that gizmo.

        Stuff like that is exactly why Nintendo is having some trouble recently;  hell, they had to do a rather nasty price drop (of the sort that you dont do unless you are desperate, particularly that early) just to get the accursed thing to sell.    And the sad part?  They honestly cant see what the problems with it are.  They're THAT dumb.

        I'll stick with iOS and it's gargantuan selection of games I actually want for a device I'll actually use at prices that arent pure DERP, thanks.

      • acid_claus

        Then don't buy it. Why you gotta hate? Ignore that it exists and maybe it will go away. Nintendo has trouble. So has Sony and Microsoft. The thing is that Nintendo will always survive on software alone. Look at the pokemon fake app that topped the app store despite being illegal.

      • François

        so how do you really feel?

      • Bender Rodriguez

        It's not about not liking the 3DS or the Vita, it's about wanting those handhelds to die and be erased off the planet of the earth that makes him and you an ignorant fanboy. You don't have to like the other handhelds, but why the hate? 

      • acid_claus

        You're right about the timeline, but that's obsessively aspergers completest mentality. Most normal people wouldn't even care, even fans. I agree that they should have added the extras via DLC and did not because they couldn't monetize it, but I'd rather play it any day of the week than Volt. Volt has it's fanbase and I own it, but I personally (as in my personal opinion which I am entitled to and I obviously do not speak for anybody but myself alone) cannot play it. It's not the controls, it's just not fun with the recycled engine. I understand why they recycled it, the dev work was done. But it's gotta be torture on the devs to scan in those sprites compared to doing a straight port. Cost has nothing to do with it.

        You're also entitled to your opinion if you don't think it is much better, but most gamers would condemn you as insane. Even Volt players. I doubt you own a 3DS, you just pretended to to put it down. 

        I wish I had nintendo games on my phone too but I don't. I wish 3DS games cost lest but they don't. I don't have to buy them, but if I can afford to and I want to play them I will.  If the platform fails, it fails. If they make games on my phone, that's great. I do not understand the point of being a lopsided fanboy and neither should anybody else. It's totally irrational. Is the 3D a gimmick? Yes. Is the resolution low? Yes. Does iOS have better 3D hardware and resolution? Yes. Does iOS offer better pricing? Yes, although I think perceptions that everything should cost a couple bucks are lame. Do I wish Nintendo games were on my phone? Again yes, but they don't. Is SFIV better on 3DS? If you've played it I don't see how it's not unless you're insane. But it doesn't matter. Is SFxT Volt with Tekken characters? That's what it looks like and that sucks

  • zergslayer69

    Perhaps true but keep in mind the 3ds version could run at 60fps vs volt and it's 20 fps or something. Plus using 3d models means smoother animation but yea that 40 dollar price tag is too much.

  • Ching Mua

    SWEET!! Looks like my phone is going to break from all my button mashing, lol. 

  • Cat Astrophy

    This game is horrible. Port MvC3 instead.

  • FakeNameOF

    I'm not too concerned about the actual cost of the app, so much as the amount of in-app purchases Capcom will put into this game...

  • nao

    Oh yes please!! This game is kick ass!