PlayStation Suite, Sony's mobile initiative that is putting PlayStation Classic games and other PlayStation titles on "PlayStation Certified" devices, has received a name change. At Sony's E3 briefing this afternoon, SCEE president Andrew House announced that PlayStation Suite is now called PlayStation Mobile. House also unveiled the initiative's first third-party hardware partner: HTC. Cool! Maybe.

We thought it appropriate to bring you this in an effort to keep following up with Suite, considering our extensive coverage when it was first announced. As the initiative exits its open beta, it's becoming increasingly more plain that an iOS version isn't in the cards as we've speculated in the past, but here's to hoping the name change indicates more than Sony's desire for a snappier name.

If anything, Playstation Mobile continues to be a forward-thinking initiative, as it attempts to wrangle smartphone and tablet users into the PlayStation ecosystem. The other two big hardware manufacturers are struggling in this area, but are taking great steps. Microsoft's Smart Glass and Nintendo's Mii-verse, for example, are exciting moves for those of us with tablets and iPhones.

[Image via TechCrunch]

  • GSport70

    The people at Sony would be foolish to not offer up this product on the iOS platform! I guess they do not want to make a lot of money. I guess Sony believes that if you ignore something, it will go away...

    • Scott Phoenix

      And given how iOS is such a closed system, and Apple prickish about their store, how would you expect Sony to make money? Blame Apple's closed garden wall, not Sony.

  • Don

    what was sony thinking not including iOS..... bad move.....they will regret it later...

  • jeffyg3

    It's common knowledge that Sony does not like making money as much as Microsoft. Just kidding...out of the big 3, I think I'm most excited about Microsoft's Smart Glass approach. After playing the Wii, 360, & PS3 this generation, I think I'm going to just sit Nintendo's next console plans the 64, GameCube, and Wii...3rd party support always withered away middle to the end of the life of their consoles and ends up forgotten in my cabinet. I hope to see better support from Sony for iOS one day, but to be honest it really isn't a big deal for me anyways. I've bought some of their PSX classics on the PS3 and PSP and just played them for a short while for kicks and nostolgia but never end up really playing them, was much more of a waste of money now that I think of it.

  • Best Smartphone

    HTC is pretty smart 🙂

  • iPod Game Guy

    I think the only down side is that it's not on IOS but I don't even know if Sony asked apple to join or not