Do you like zombie games? We sure hope so. It's clear that studios aren't going to be giving the undead a break despite how clotted the market is with their moans and groans and brainless wanderings. On the other hand, we're still finding interesting things in the latest crop of zombie games. Dead Trigger, for example, is tickling us because its production values appear to be off the chain. We guess we're not over the whole zombie thing quite yet, either.

Dead Trigger is the latest title from Madfinger Games, the visual gurus behind Shadowgun and the Samurai franchise. It was announced late last week, and will be appearing on the usual Madfinger platforms -- iPad, iPhone and Android devices with beefy NVIDIA hardware -- at some point in the near future. And it looks like it'll definitely require some hardcore innards. Seriously, check it out:

Judging from its video, this is a project appears to be blending Left 4 Dead with the run and gun action style of a 90s shooter. According to the promotional materials, the game will ship will features like "evolving AI," as well as physics that'll let you take off arms, heads, and legs. As stream of free updates that'll add new missions, gadgets, characters, "and more" down the line has also been noted.

We'll probably be taking a much closer look at Dead Trigger at E3 in Los Angeles, so stay tuned for hands-on impressions.

  • Matthew Nemeth

    Um. YES PLEASE!!!! And if there is a MP component I won't be needing the PC to sate my zombie needs... well you know, until this happens IRL. Then I doubt I'll be caring about zombie games....

  • wim

    Its not on rails just watch the trailer he moves interly on his own i hope i get my greace vingers on this won soon

  • DwayneW

    The Unity engine never ceases to amaze.

  • Belgmeister

    Soooo hyped for this. Hope on a 4-player local of somekind. This will be insta-buy

  • zergslayer69

    Even though I have an iPhone 4, please please support A5 and up only.

  • CrispyCreamed

    This looks like THE zombie shooter to OWN. First day buy right here. Can't wait!

  • 博文 侯

    female zombie missing. What a pity!

    • SystemX

      Take another look at the first screen shot.

  • kirei

    oh my god ps vita need this.ASAP.

    • Jin Jinathin Tonic

      No?.... Vita gets cod black ops:DC
      This game should stay on my iPhone

      • Belgmeister

        iOS has CoD BO: zombies

  • Espekayen

    Looks good. I frickin' love killing zombies; can't get enough of it.

  • izzynobre

    They never updated Shadowgun with multiplayer like they promised = not getting a dime from me. I will not stand for this "oh yeah the game is kinda half-assed but we'll address that in later updates, promise!" bullsh*t anymore.

    • chamuscao

       They are making Shadowgun: Deadzone. The original multiplayer mode was only supposed to be a deathmatch for 4 players, but now they are making a full multiplayer-only game with ranks, different characters and weapons, unlocks and more. At least I will buy this game ASAP.

      • maniacfive

        But will deadzone be free for existing Shadowgun customers who were promised multiplayer? I now buy only on what the game does now, at point of purchase, rather than what it may do, to avoid disappointment. But you can't say to people who bought Shadowgun, and were promised multiplayer. "Oh yeah! but, in the new game the multiplayer is gonna be totes awesome!" like that completely negates their argument.

  • Jose Vaca

    More exciting than SHADOWGUN. Hope it will come with multiplayer or if they add it really fast because the multiplayer for SHADOWGUN is still in making but everyone is over it already... >.> MULTIPLAYER FOR THIS GAME ASAP!

  • Singhavi Vaibhav

    seem to be nice but should be like left for dead or something like that.

  • James D. Dunn

    They say multiplayer... But they said it about shadowgun too..... Did it ever get added?

  • apolloa

    I'm just hoping the iPhone 5 will be out by the time this hits? Cause I'm not sure my iPhone 4 can handle it! The 4S is probably fine. Looks great though. Love the Unity engine, it's got a small file size yet packs a very heavy graphics punch.

    • Jin Jinathin Tonic

      After nova 3, I don't believe this will run great on my 4S but well let's hope this will be fine!

  • xstandx

    Screens via latest pad no doubt. I just can't see that running on an iPhone or Touch.

  • ManuD

    I hope it lives upto expectations.

  • Jin Jinathin Tonic

    No games like this should stay on iOS devices and yes looks amazing and looks like there are different mode since there is modes without time limit and there are some modes with time limit and hope this will run well on my 4S!!! Because nova 3 framerate was choppy

  • shaundan85

    Will this work on iPod 4g?