E3 always has surprises, but most big publishers announce what they're taking or showing off in advance of the Los Angeles based event. Square Enix just did this, and revealed a new, or at the very least upcoming, 2D Final Fantasy game in the process. Yay!

Final Fantasy Dimensions as its called will draw from Final Fantasy both old and new, delivering "the best of Final Fantasy, retro and fresh alike." What this means is that it'll include (a) a Job system and (b) one of those silly 'dark versus light' stories, which we're sure will keep you on the edge of your seat.

New might not be the best word for Dimensions. Joystiq thinks this might just be a port of Final Fantasy Legends, which was a series of games released episodically on Japanese cellphones in 2010. We'll see if this is the case, but we're guessing Joystiq is right.

Dimensions is due out on iPhone and iPad this "summer." An Android version is hitting alongside this release, too.

  • Bryan Boomsma

    just when i was searching info about this game 😛

  • Jensen_G

    Please just release FF VI (III in the US) for iOS. That game changed my life in the '90s, and I wanna play it again baaaaad!

    • powa

      Agree, of all the port they've done, they just not release the best ff6 :/

    • http://twitter.com/SquishedMitten Tyler Piderit

      Totally agree! Would love some FFVI!

    • Benegesserit


      We don't need square's horrible overpriced attempts at a port.

  • Briker Ed

    After a bit of googling about Final Fantasy Legends, it really appears the logo is the same as this of the Final Fantasy Dimensions. Can't say I'm not a little disappointed :/ I was really hoping for something brand new and original from SE, but seeing as I've never played Legends, I guess it's still good. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6D4B2ZMVMV72TERRW5YNVDPA5E Don

    After looking up some info on Final Fantasy Legends(dimensions), i'm happy with what i've seen....but i would have preferred FF IV or FF 6... i don't understand why square can't release these for Iphone/Ipad .

  • Sam Illingworth

    Why 2D? Modern mobile devices are more powerful than the PS1, give us a port of the three PS1 Final Fantasies (the best ones, in my opinion, yeah, even better than VI).

    • mclifford82

      Cause the 2D games don't look like ass after 20 years, whereas the 3D ones from the PSone do. 🙂

      • alundra40

        Well, I think most of us play ports for nostalgia, because it was a fairly high quality game to start, and it outlives it's graphical limitations. I put a decent number of hours into FInal Fantasy Tactics on my iPhone and I think that game lends itself more to a portable device than console. If I could castlevania symphony I the night or even NES ninja gaiden and ninja gaiden 2 on my iPhone/iPad I would snatch them up immediately. Imagine Mario brothers 1 or 3 I know I've gone outside SE but point being is 20 years later of we're still talking about playing a game we've decided to look pass the graphics. Like an ugly chick with a good personality and nice body...you make concessions.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KTRO7RQBCTAY4WLC72BKUO5MIU CurtNeedsaRide _

    I agree. I really want to play FFIX, FFVIII, FFVII, and sure, I'll even go through FFVI again.

  • giga_bahamut

    Awesome! been waiting for this game for a long time now! hope it releases next week! (remember Chaos Rings 2, it was announced a couple of days before launch! it could happen again!)

  • ImJPaul

    Hopefully this is a port of something old because minus chaos rings and possibly the new tomb raider square has been making some poor choices. Oh and where's the coming tonight section?! That's my favorite article. I look forward to that every week and it's usually up by now. Get on it.

  • Julien Daigle

    why all the hate? this game will probably be better than every other FF of the last ten years

  • frizzaro

    FFVI have the best plot, the best characters, the best length. It's perfect. Totally perfect.

  • Rdkjr11

    Square Enix is making another Final Fantasy game? What a surprise! Next you will tell me that Rovio is making another Angry Birds.

    But seriously all jokes aside I think I will pass. Their games are good, but not $17 good.

    • alundra40

      Depends on the game. If they put xenogears, ffvii, ffviii, or vagrant story on iOS that's 17 bucks I would gladly pay.

  • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

    Phew.. Good thing Apple's not doing any consoles... that would be a huge disaster..

  • LCB12321

    I guess this is as good as we can get, Id really hoped square would make another 2d finL fantasy game. Though I was hoping for the final fantasy 4 complete colection the one from the psp with FFIV + the after years + a new section that the joins the games. I thought this release would be a no brainer folowed eventually by ffV and VI.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Will-Buckingham/518019273 Will Buckingham

    Oh good, another mobile Final Fantasy spin-off no one asked for... and Versus XIII is nowhere on the E3 list yet again.  In just a few short years, they have broken 20 years of enthusiasm and anticipation for the games they produce.

  • chairoek

    Please release DRAGON QUEST i remember ...

  • Manny213

    Hell yeah guys I agree with youh guys and square Enix is worth some bodies life it's fucken awesome and is it true that FFVI is coming out to and FFdimensions!