When I was growing up I lived right down the street from an R/C car racing track at the local park. I was pretty young during this time, and thus couldn’t afford the rather expensive professional grade radio controlled cars that folks would bring out to race. So I was relegated to just a spectator, but I still got such a thrill out of watching these miniature vehicles race and jump around the dirt track, all the while being controlled remotely by people who were standing right beside me on the sidelines.

Sadly, over the next few years the R/C track’s popularity dwindled and was eventually torn down in favor of a dog park. It probably goes without saying, but dog parks aren’t nearly as cool as R/C car tracks when you’re a kid. So when developer Sunlaris emailed a trailer for their upcoming game Model Auto Racing, I immediately got a nostalgic twinge of excitement. As you can see in the trailer, it looks to be a proper R/C racing title for folks like me who couldn’t afford to indulge in the hobby as a kid.

Model Auto Racing will contain 3 different vehicle categories drawn from the real-life R/C racing world: buggy, short course, and touring car. It will also give you the choice of a top-down camera view or a fixed-position from the sideline podium, just as if you were at the track yourself. Other features include Universal support, Retina graphics for the new iPad, Game Center with online multiplayer, 12 tracks and 48 event types, and upgradeable vehicles. Model Auto Racing is awaiting review from Apple and should be out before the end of the month.

  • http://twitter.com/mgbesong Max Besong

    This is, by far, my most anticipated upcoming iOS game. The first game exceeded my expectations in all categories and was a genuinely brand-new experience. I can't wait to see what the developers do with sequel!

    • Eoin Fay

      Try Reckless Racing 2 - BUT change the controls... i like to have it so that if i touch on the bottom left or right (anywhere) it turns, gas is on all the time, and touch left or right in the middle to brake. It works quite well 🙂

  • Gatada

    Re-Volt for PC released in 1999 was an amazing R/C racer, and I've been trying to find an iOS (and Xbox) replacement ever since.

    This is making me hopeful, but this time I'll try to retain myself as every game, except Mashed Fully Loaded, has disappointed.

  • tso5818

    Use to race nitro RC cars a lot in the old days. Just wondering how the controls are going to be for this game. Is it going to be like all RC racing games where you have to like draw to rave? If so, I won't get this game. Hopefully it's like a 3D look, maybe a cockpit view or hood view, ect. For the RC cars. Don't wreck the game. The environment looks legit and cars could be touched up some more, but there fine the way they are. If it has the driving like I said, than hell yeah, this one would be in the bag for sure.

    • tso5818


  • xXHardKoreXx

    Game looks great, especially the physics! Only real worry is the control scheme, but I guess that goes without saying for all iOS games.

  • GPS

    This is out now in Australia, d' loading now!

  • Gatada

    Assume no news means so far no release?

  • Gatada

    What? Just checked, and it's actually out here in Norway! Downloading now - though I was hoping for a third person camera, like the classic Re-Volt.

    Impression soon.

  • Gatada

    So I've played four races and I didn't exactly fall in love. I didn't hate it either: the podium view works well; the physics is unforgiving, but with practice I guess it will be very cool actually; and the interface is easy to navigate.

    The cars look good, the courses look great and are reasonably challenging. Basically the game could have a pretty long life span, if you stick to it long enough to really master the driving.

    Personally I've never understood why racing games so often use a cheesy rock music soundtrack, I've never liked it and for this game it's no difference. Also I didn't really appreciate that the car is controlled with old-style arrow keys. Real world R/C cars of this caliber have analogue sticks for both turning and acceleration, so the binary input was a bit of a let down. But I guess testing proved it to be superior, and haven't really played it enough yet to really know.

    Either way, I don't think I'll like this game as much as I enjoyed playing Re-Volt and Mashed. Very likely I'll quickly go back to DrawRace 2, which is almost perfect in every way; with an occasional race with Mini Motor Racing - until the perfect R/C racer comes along.

  • http://twitter.com/sunlaris_com Sunlaris