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Upcoming ‘Model Auto Racing’ Aims to Fill a Void in My Childhood

When I was growing up I lived right down the street from an R/C car racing track at the local park. I was pretty young during this time, and thus couldn’t afford the rather expensive professional grade radio controlled cars that folks would bring out to race. So I was relegated to just a spectator, but I still got such a thrill out of watching these miniature vehicles race and jump around the dirt track, all the while being controlled remotely by people who were standing right beside me on the sidelines.

Sadly, over the next few years the R/C track’s popularity dwindled and was eventually torn down in favor of a dog park. It probably goes without saying, but dog parks aren’t nearly as cool as R/C car tracks when you’re a kid. So when developer Sunlaris emailed a trailer for their upcoming game Model Auto Racing, I immediately got a nostalgic twinge of excitement. As you can see in the trailer, it looks to be a proper R/C racing title for folks like me who couldn’t afford to indulge in the hobby as a kid.

Model Auto Racing will contain 3 different vehicle categories drawn from the real-life R/C racing world: buggy, short course, and touring car. It will also give you the choice of a top-down camera view or a fixed-position from the sideline podium, just as if you were at the track yourself. Other features include Universal support, Retina graphics for the new iPad, Game Center with online multiplayer, 12 tracks and 48 event types, and upgradeable vehicles. Model Auto Racing is awaiting review from Apple and should be out before the end of the month.