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‘Squids’ Teases Upcoming Sequel By Adding ‘Squids Wild West’ Content In New Update

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It appears as though the sequel to The Game Baker‘s original Squids [$1.99], Squids Wild West, is still on track for a release this summer. We know this because (a) The Game Bakers just e-mailed us to say this is still the case and (b) The Game Bakers has also released new themed content in Squids teasing the upcoming release of the new game. You don’t do the latter unless you’re especially sure-sure that a game is on target.

So, what’s up with this new content? In today’s update to Squids, The Game Bakers have dropped in a set of three bonus levels set on a Squids Wild West map. If you’re wanting a solid first-look of what the studio is doing with Wild West asset-wise, this is the way to get that. The update is free, of course.

We took a look at Wild West (when it had a working title) at GDC this year, and were really impressed. The Game Bakers went back to the drawing board and is ironing all sorts of stuff out, while also giving the series’ fans plenty new things to do in the new game. Check out our write-up if you’re interested.

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