Some studios never drop the prices on their games, while other studios, like Epic and Chair Entertainment, do it rarely. Case in point: Infinity Blade 2 [$2.99] has seen only one price drop since its launch in November 2011. Today, marks only the second time Epic and Chair have fiddled with the price, as the app has shot down to $2.99. If you're one of those people who have been waiting for a massive price drop, this is probably as low as it'll go for at least another couple of months. Probably.

This sale, of course, is in celebration of the release of the game's latest expansion, Vault of Tears. The new area, which has a ton of new monsters and items, is available now as a part of a free update that also adds a treasure map and an annoying sounding new social media tie-in that gives Twitter and Facebook users the power to participate in ClashMob events without actually playing up the game.

We'll be giving Vault of Tears a spin as soon as we can find where the content has been buried. Maybe the adventure in attempting to access it is where "tears" part of its name comes from.

  • ImJPaul

    I just reset my iPhone and deleted all my apps because I kept running out of room. That way I could reinstall only the bare minimum without deleting my precious babies (games). So I reinstalled IB2 this morning and I've been waiting for the update but I'm thinking it's probably on there. But I'm not sure. Anyone care to clarify so I can stop opening the AppStore every 5 minutes at work.

    • vmanuel

      Keep this one there will be new updates.. Depends in what system or phone you may have... Mines stays in the phone even if I delete it.. U can go back and reinstall it without buying it again, a treat with the iPhone... Lol....

  • tognesimo

    This update is the worst ever!! Infinity blade 1 update was better than this

  • bigrand1

    Do people really like to have social media connected to their gaming??

  • Jin Jinathin Tonic

    This update is not that great. I mean I was looking for the new story chapter and oh well... All I got after 2 hours play was just went into this room and got this overpowered ring.
    Maybe I was expecting too much from this update

  • FreezeFrozen

    This update is not that bad 
    1 : I did not lost any data from my previous games & items.
    2 : I found out 2 new places in less than 20 minutes of game. (the tree, and the moutains fall) with new big boss to defeat (bird & turtle... lol ) 
    3 : new items are here. but they are useless, unless you have a good sense of humor (wich is my case I guess) 
    4 : to have new content on a game I own for months is always good !now waiting for their upcoming title.... infinity blade dungeons ...or something like that;

  • Co-Owner Bryan

    Ok, I'll now give it a shot. Can't beat this price I suppose. I liked, not loved the first one.

  • araczynski

     couldn't get into the first one, not sure if i'd pick up this one even when it hits .99 eventually.  nice eye candy, but the controls just suck for me.

    • wim

      You problably suck in the game and those kids will beat you with no problem

      • araczynski

        i do suck at it, but i suck at it because of the control scheme.  I've been playing games since '84, and i've had to learn and relearn a lot of different 'cool' control schemes during all those years, but this swiping around in this particular game is just dumb to me.  how hard would it have been to include an OPTIONAL dpad and a couple buttons?

      • FreezeFrozen

        dude you can see worst on app store. This is just not your kind of game.
        I can tell this episode is really dope & fun. After "shuffeling" during the first levels, now I can fight any big boss without fear, and control each of my movements. 


  • vmanuel

    Game works for, however the new update deleted all my old scores some how so I start with 450, instead of my score of 5000 ,I feel cheated, at least u do not have to spend real monies to get it back... Lol.... Kind of boring, wish it had new areas to go to, just start the new update will see how it goes... And answer to the guy with the ? About the new game, I just kept the old app on the iPhone and it alerted me when it was a new update, without buying it again . ......