Red Alert: Canabalt is now .99¢ instead of its usual $2.99. This marks the second time that Semi-Secret has lowered the price of its atmospheric and perfectly executed runner since its launch in 2009, which is why we're thinking you might be interested in jumping on this deal while it lasts. We'll probably be rocking iPhone 5s and iPad 4s by the time we see another price drop, but that's just our conjecture.

There is a reason for today's sale. A bunch of indie developers are banding together in a fun little promotion called Because We May. Its goal is to pull attention to numerous price drops for several games across multiple platforms, including iOS. Canabalt is one of the games in the promotion, and it's one of the first to shoot down in price. Yay, for us!

We'll have a lot more on Because We May tomorrow, as a lot more of the promotion's games will see big price drops. For now, just enjoy Canabalt. You won't regret grabbing it.

  • TheWalkingG

    Agreed. I bought this game this morning before work, and that was a mistake. For it being so simple, the atmosphere is excellent and it's fun to play in spurts.

  • 2wo

    Boring at best.
    Will hold your interest for 10 minutes. Got suckered in with the sale announcement. Temple Run and Ski Safari are much much better endless runners.
    Visuals are bland. No power ups or challenges. Don't really see what made this popular on the first place.

    • Soul_of_Wit

      The big draw for me is the phenomenal sound track and the game's sense of humor. The first time that you "knock a building down" is hilarious. Definitely a game to be played with headphones on.

  • dogface

    I got this game a couple of years ago and feel it would be great if they added some gamecenter achievements.

  • diegen

    does anyone really not already own this classic?

  • abodi

    I don't but I'm also completely over endless runners. So they should have lowered the price ages ago to get my money.

  • jonathanjk

    It needed updating in all sorts of ways ages ago.

  • Soul_of_Wit

    One of the few mandatory touch-based games. I can't imagine an iDevice without it. Minimalist, great sound cues for upcoming monsters, fantastic soundtrack, and a good sense of humor. Always read the text after you die.

    I play it for a half hour, every once in a while. Just to see if I can top my high score. It's in the top 5%, and that's all that I need to keep me happy.