Yay, Cheap Stuff: ‘Canabalt’ Goes On Sale

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Red Alert: Canabalt is now .99¢ instead of its usual $2.99. This marks the second time that Semi-Secret has lowered the price of its atmospheric and perfectly executed runner since its launch in 2009, which is why we’re thinking you might be interested in jumping on this deal while it lasts. We’ll probably be rocking iPhone 5s and iPad 4s by the time we see another price drop, but that’s just our conjecture.

There is a reason for today’s sale. A bunch of indie developers are banding together in a fun little promotion called Because We May. Its goal is to pull attention to numerous price drops for several games across multiple platforms, including iOS. Canabalt is one of the games in the promotion, and it’s one of the first to shoot down in price. Yay, for us!

We’ll have a lot more on Because We May tomorrow, as a lot more of the promotion’s games will see big price drops. For now, just enjoy Canabalt. You won’t regret grabbing it.

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