Infinity Blade 2 [$6.99] already has a ton of content to explore, but it'll be offering even more fat loot and monsters this coming Thursday when Chair unleashes a new expansion dubbed Vault of Tears. It's free and set to "delve further into the Infinity Blade story" via a brand new dungeon to dive. Expect to get around 50 new items to collect, level up, and utilize and expect to see a handful of new foes.

Interestingly, Chair is plugging in a few fresh mechanics to play around with. Of the most note, it's adding a treasure map that marks treasure locations. Also, ClashMob is being expanded to allow anyone to participate in fights via Twitter or Facebook -- no game required. Weird, right?

Again, Vault of Tears hits later this Thursday. These assets should hold you over until then, we'd hope.

  • Timothy Polumbo

    this update warrants a re-download

  • Tomáš Damborský

    Can't wait :))

  • TouchGamePlay

    Looking forward to it 😀

  • wim

    What a game it is and now even beter!! I think this is better than any vita gama

    • Scott

      Hahaha....oh, you were serious. 

      • Timothy Polumbo

        wim is entitled to a personal opinion.  Without getting into a "fanboy" argument... but I personally think that the iPhone is much more bang-for-the-buck than the Vita and therefore drives the "value" of the Vita way way down.  Therefore, iOS games are much better for me.  So technically I agree with wim.

      • Prenz Tandoc

        I have an iPad 2,Xperia Play and a Vita. Vita has better games. I game on all three pretty evenly. May be more expensive but more value and quality has been put into those games.

      • Timothy Polumbo

        I can't carry around multiple devices and I'm not about to pay $250-$350 for a device that only plays video games.  Yes it does other stuff... but not well.  Something that is only good for 1 thing is very very expensive.  Plus, I'd much rather play Wii or XBox360 than Vita if I'm gonna play at home - and iOS if I'm gonna play on the go.  Mobile platforms are really no longer mobile unless they are cellphones - its just too burdensome. 

      • Scott Phoenix

        Can't and won't are two different things. Personal preference is opinion, not fact. Being too lazy to carry a Vita around doesn't make it inferior. 

      • ManuD

        I've liked your post. You're right that Vita games can be better but considering huge difference in price & game catalogue on both platforms, I'll vote for iOS. Got both iPhone 4S & new iPad, truly I'm enjoying gaming. Perhaps, haven't been on 360 since a while.

      • Jin Jinathin Tonic

        Yeah iOS devices has been really improving its power.
        But still it's not good for "portable gaming"
        Battery dies too quickly if you want to run games like this.
        Also over heating is another issue I have to say.
        I play this game over what 20 mins? My 4S gets really hot

      • Hans Kisaragi

        vita has games? 😐

    • Jin Jinathin Tonic

      When you said "any vita games" obviously that's not right.
      Games like this and mc3, few games on app store are really good.
      And yes price for vita games, some games are over priced.
      But games like uncharted, wipe out, gravity rush, and resistance etc.
      I can't agree with you that this game is better than "any vita games"
      Also let's be honest here, if I play this game on my 4S for like 10 mins, my battery will drop down like at least 10% so I don't think it's good for gaming since battery is the issue.

  • Lars Renner

    HOLY SH**! Chair really was hard working on this update. They Always keep theyr promise.
    Well there is still one problem with Icloud but I disabled Icloud some weeks ago. If you only have one Idevice then YOU better disable Icloud. Don't expose yourself to the savegame erase!
    For now I wil just wait until Thursday, yippy

    • Desparobo

      What do you mean?

      • silversabeast

        He means the iCloud lost game bug. Some people lost their games due

        P.S. hi sylars! It's SAB!

  • Tondog

    Adding the ability to compete in clashmobs via twitter/facebook is great because many of the mob events are not won because there isn't enough participation. Hopefully this helps out.

    • silversabeast

      I don't participate that much, they aren't that fun.

  • CrispyCreamed

    Gonna be sweet. Can't wait. New griffin-y creature looks mean!

  • Astrogo360

    I can't wait for the review's Touch Arcade!

  • Dion Booth

    Graphics are horrible on ipad3. Very jagged edges

    • Laszlo Tuss

      So the game looks horrible on iPad 1, iPad 2 and the New iPad?
      Tell me more how ugly the game is.

  • JSN

    Too bad they can't get this app to run on my iPod Touch 4G...

    • Laszlo Tuss

      And on my iPad1

  • Ben Ruddock

    I might play this game if my bloody save game wasn't wiped everytime I go back to it after a few weeks...

    • CrispyCreamed

      This used to happen to me all the time and I turned of the iCloud function and no more lost saves.

      • Ben Ruddock

         I'll give it a try, thanks.

  • Mark

    I can't wait to see a reskinned enemy do the same five attacks we've been seeing on that type of enemy since Infinity Blade 1!

    • silversabeast

      Fail on that comment because new enemy classes were introduced in this game, plus their will be new combos for the existing enemies.

  • dfdf dfdf

    IB2 has a ton of content to explore? I'm not sure if we are playing the same game, I played and beat IB2 in about 2 hours and havent touched it since then.

    • Nyan

      You beat the guy in the dungeon underneath the fat guy?

      • Laszlo Tuss

        He (it) just trolling, walk away 🙂

  • doublezz

    Just don't delete my character and in app purchase gold again.

  • Rdkjr11

    I still have a bad taste in my from the clash mobs Facebook only thing and the now extremely overpriced gems, so I'll probably pass. Chair is getting extremely greedy now.

    *reads the line about clash mobs on Facebook and twitter without even owning the game*
    1. What's the point? They don't get anything out of it?!? Am I the only one wondering about this?

    2. Wow. You made clash mobs available to everyone without the game, but you still neglect to give it to the people that OWN the game who don't choose to use Facebook. Way to give non Facebook users the finger... Again!

    • Hayden Jenkins

      quit whining, facebook is free and you don't even have to use your account once you make it

      • Rdkjr11

        1. I don't want and will never want a Facebook account. Used or not. That should be my choice, not chairs.

        2. If they want to make it Facebook only they should have told us at the beginning. Throwing it in half way through is just dishonest and pathetic.

        I have nothing else to say to you, so don't bother responding.

      • wim

        Facebook is for people ho like atention and have no live

  • waynemagic

    I thought clash mobs was a bit 'muh' I would have been better if you could have more than one go so you could dip in now and again.