This past December PopCap gave their iOS version of Bejeweled 2, which had been around since the early days of the App Store, the heave-ho in favor of a new version of the game simply titled Bejeweled [Free] and a second separate app for its spinoff mode Bejeweled Blitz [Free].

Both new games were arguably better than their original unified iteration, but for some strange reason Bejeweled Blitz was Universal while Bejeweled proper got left out in the cold in regards to iPad support.

Today PopCap addressed this by releasing Bejeweled HD [Free (HD)], an iPad-native version of the world’s most popular match-3. While it’s sort of a bummer to not see a Universal version, Bejeweled HD does support the new iPad’s Retina Display and looks simply fantastic in that high of a resolution. It also comes equipped with the very same modes as its smaller iOS counterpart, which you can read all about in our review.

It’s crazy just how much fun Bejeweled still is after all these years. It proves that just utilizing the same mechanics in a game isn’t enough to emulate its success, it’s all about execution. There are a ton of great match-3s in the world (and even more really terrible ones) but there’s really only one Bejeweled, and now iPad owners have a version to call their own.

  • noamr

    I say 3.99 is too cheap for this game, I would go 30.99$, this game is so brand new and breaking ground that the effort to make it to work on iPad is surely worth the price.
    Seriously now, when you can get the same exact game, same concept, and in some cases even a better implementation for cheaper, and in some cases free versions

    I don't see why they released this at this steep price.- and a non-universal version too.

    • Nick

      Brevity, sir, is the soul of wit.

  • JCat_NY

    And iPad owners are suppose to be wowed by this cutting edge decision?

  • Austin O'Halloran

    I've been quite happy with blitz for the past year since they added cheap ipad support. If it has blitz though I'd get it

  • Hans P. Köter

    Still three modes from the PC and Nintendo versions are missing, Lightning, Quest and Icestorm, which would be a strong selling point to not just sticking with the retina iPhone version, after all, it's just Bejeweled and not NOVA 3. Perhaps they'll add it via update or IAP like the 'butterfly' mode. But until then, it just stays on my watchlist.

  • anthony simmons

    Booooo. Boooo this company!! Why won't they give us bejeweled 3? They even put it on DS. I know IAP is the driving force behind this decision and it sickens me.

  • karma32

    Would have bought it if it was universal and had all the modes. Would have even paid more for that.
    Oh well.

  • Jan Rameken

    Am I the only one who liked Bejeweled Twist mroe than the classic bejeweled? Does Bejeweled HD come with Twist mode? Yes? No? Ohwell.

    • Hans P. Köter

      Bejeweled Twist, well I'd really like to see that, too, but I guess it wasn't quite so successful as the other Bejeweleds, there isn't even a Mac version and they hesitate to give us a proper Bejeweled 3 on the iPad, so my expectations are near zero.

      • Jan Rameken

        Thats too bad, something about the twist mechanic made it much more frenetic and engaging to me, less luck based than Bejeweled classic sometimes seems to be. I hope they re-include it sometime as a game mode in an update.

  • Fire pony

    In general the fact people think 3.99 is expensive is the reason IAP is the driving force of the app store...

    Just saying...

  • Ryan Bliss

    Will they ever release Bookworm Adventures for iOS?

  • Jay

    I tried playing Bejeweled after playing through Montezuma 3.

    I laughed then deleted it about 10 seconds in.

    • bones boy

      All the ToM games rock!

  • Neal Ensor

    Why, oh why, not make this universal?  Blitz was, so don't tell me the assets don't already exist.  If you want to money-grab, add the "minor" modes as IAP (poker, ice storm, etc.)  I'd pay to unlock a few.  I hate having separate versions for iPad and iPhone in my library, so I'm sticking with 2x mode...

  • Rirath

    Universal would have been nice - certainly. Non-universal should have never been a thing, honestly.  What bothers me most with Bejeweled as it stands however is that they split Blitz out of the main Bejeweled game.  Why do I have to have two apps?  Why can't Blitz be a mode included in the main game as well?

    Having Blitz by itself is fine, but as an owner of the full app, there's no reason to force me to have both.

  • Ingwersen

    ... and chiming in on the bitter note: What about being able to change between multiple profiles?! Most other popcap titles have this simple feature thus enabling more than one user to keep track of his/her progress and scores. In Bejeweled HD all you can do is EDIT your name ... no option to add a second profile. So they want me to buy not only an iPhone version AND an iPad version of their games, but now also a SECOND iPad and HD version for the misses to be able to play?! F... You, man! Effin' effers, stealing my hard earned social security!

  • Dapoktan

    I already own the iPhone version on my iPad. I certainly will not pay quadruple the price to get another copy. Universal or bust. I say this while typing in the iPhone only TA app. Lol