In mid-March, Ubisoft and RedLynx released MotoHeroz [Free / Free (HD)] an iOS port of the WiiWare side-scrolling platform racer that felt like a close cousin to the studio’s crazy popular Trials HD series. We enjoyed MotoHeroz in our review despite its somewhat tough progression and overall high level of difficulty. Still, for fans of hardcore trial and error games that tasked you with perfection through repetition, MotoHeroz was money well spent.

Today, however, no money needs to be spent in order to enjoy the punishment that MotoHeroz offers. A brand new update has hit and to celebrate both the iPhone and iPad versions of the game are currently free. The update contains two new level packs each with their own new vehicles, as well as support for having 3 online friend leagues going on simultaneously.

If you haven’t checked out MotoHeroz yet, it’s definitely worth a look while free. The difficult nature might be a turnoff to some, but I personally found the challenge welcome and have enjoyed playing certain levels over and over again until you have that run that’s just right. Now with new content added, it looks like I’ll be getting sucked back into that cycle once again, which I’m definitely not complaining about.

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    Thanks! I got a push notification via the TA app and downloaded it immediately. I love the TA app, honestly!

    • Corky McButterpants

       I might have to look into the TA app as the RSS feed seems to be broken lately...

    • csgbroseph


  • Demonic16

    Great news! And great game!

  • JoelSixPack

     When I played this months ago on WiiWare I found it very frustrating at times. But of course, that is the nature of the genre and overall the game was a blast.

    I just tried it out on my iPad, and now it's frustrating for a whole new set of reasons! The structure of the game is actually quite different: no level map, different collectibles, less levels, and the levels are ordered differently. Some of the changes aren't necessarily better or worse, just different. But I really hate how (as far as I could tell) it's impossible to get three stars on each level without doing major upgrades to your vehicle.

    The WiiWare version was challenging, but if you were determined to get a gold medal, you could. On this version you still have to have skill, but you also have to buy your way to three stars -- either by using real money or by grinding and grinding until you earn enough in-game currency. It really cheapens the whole experience and to make matters worse, each small set of five levels has its own separate vehicle that you have to upgrade from scratch! Or pay $3.99 for an instant full upgrade, but that will only upgrade the one vehicle.

    This Freemium/IAP trend has to end; I think it's ruining more and more good games. What the App Store needs is more devs like Touch Foo and Tiger Style.

    • himanshu modi

      Your comments are absolutely untrue. I have all stars/medals on all levels so far without shelling out a dime. The in-game currency obtained through winning stars and finding treasure chests are more than enough to gain further stars. I didn't even find it a huge challenge compared to upgrade and get all the stars. In that sense I disagree with TA about frustrating level of difficulty. Absolutely no "grinding" required here to get all stars. And if you think trying to go through a level again and again to get a perfect run, then you don't really get the concept of trials kind of games.

      Red Lynx really deserves a lot of kudos for this game.

      • JoelSixPack

        Maybe you disagree with my comments, but there not "absolutely untrue". I think my descriptions of certain elements of the game are accurate and my opinions are just that: my opinions.

        I didn't say you HAVE to pay money to beat the game, I said you have to pay money or grind and that's true, isn't it? You didn't get three stars on each level until you upgraded each of the vehicles, right? And you couldn't upgrade your vehicles until you played through each level many, many times and earned enough in-game currency, right?

        I understand the Trails formula. You mix skill with memorization, luck, repetition and determination --  and eventually you WILL beat the level and feel very proud of yourself for doing so. But the iOS version adds in another ingredient: essential vehicle upgrades that take a long time to earn if you don't want to shell out cash.

        Now maybe you're just better at the game than me (you probably are), so it didn't take you as long to collect stars. But having played the WiiWare version (that charges one flat price up front) and then playing the iOS version, I can tell you that the game is balanced differently so as to subtly encourage players to make IAPs. And that's what bugs me.

      • bigrand1

        Thanks for the info you provided! I really HATE the Freemium/IAP crap too! I refuse to buy into it at all and am doing my part to help put this to an end once and for all! Totally turns me off, man!

      • Corky McButterpants

        Soul_of_Wit wasn't saying they hated the IAP model - just pointing out that it doesn't appear to be overly unfair or aggressive in this title.

        As for your 'crusade' to wipe out all forms of freemium gaming - good luck with that; send us a postcard...

        Everyone seems to think studios (and especially individuals) who produce mobile platform games are all just indulging their hobby.

      • bigrand1

        Sorry, pal. I was responding to JoelSixPack and in his post he did indeed say he doesn't like the Freemium model as well! And when it comes to the fight to eliminate that, I s'pose I am at the front line and you're 'postcard' is in the mail, as well as the notice that more and more gamers are not going for those games that use it regardless of what you say/think! They would rather buy their games outright instead of being nickle and dimed constantly in order to keep playing or to proceed farther in the game! See, this only benefits the dev, not the gamer. And the customer is always right. There IS a movement here where lots more gamers are just saying 'NO' to buying into this! And, after awhile, devs will see their game sales dwindle and they'll eventually go back to the way it was before because that's what the customer WANTS! To just buy the game! As time goes by, we shall see what happens, how this goes, won't we? The only IAP that's worthy is where you have the OPTION to purchase IAP to get further in a game, add content, etc., but don't HAVE to 'cause you can do the same thing in-game, earning it by playing it. Just sayin'! Oh, hey, by the way, the TA app is something I think you'll dig! It's very well done, fun, and helpful!   

      • Jake Johnson

        The IAP you mention being okay with is exactly the kind present in this game. The top grossing games in the appstore are all by and far IAP based games. They are making a shit ton of money and don't really care about the people skipping their games. For every one person skipping IAP games there are at least ten times as many people who go OH SWEET FREE GAMES and then half of those people throw very meal money buy in game items. I pretty much stopped reading your post after seeing "the customer is always right." You can't possibly believe that, can you?

      • bigrand1

        Baloney to everything you said! What a fool. If you don't believe 'the customer is always right', you must be just a child. OR a developer. And I could care less if you read my post or not! Fact is, people see a free game, find out it's not free at all, and you have another pissed-off gamer who won't let that happen to him again, and the army against that Freemium model gets bigger and bigger! DEATH TO FREEMIUM GAMES!!! It's a RIP-OFF!   

      • Soul_of_Wit

        So, the choices are:

        1. Pay up front (WiiWare)
        2. Pay as you go, if you like (iOS)

        That doesn't make this particular instance of freemium sound all that horrible.

  • Espekayen

    Not a bad little game. Worth a look while it was free.