Does the name Remedy ring a bell? They're the Finnish developers behind Alan Wake and Max Payne, but before all that, they released a top-down combat-centric MS-DOS Racer called Death Rally. (Oh, and, Max Payne [$2.99] is also now available on the App Store, check out our review.) Anyway, a little over a year ago the greatly enhanced iOS remake of Death Rally hit the App Store.

To create the game, Remedy partnered up with Mountain Sheep, who is likely best known around these parts for Minigore [$0.99 / $1.99 (HD)]. Minigore saw tons of updates, so, I'm not sure anyone was surprised when Death Rally got similar treatment. Since its initial release and our original review, they've added all sorts of unlockables, character tie-ins (such as a guest appearance from the one and only Duke Nukem) and even full online multiplayer.

Yes, the game has been free before, and one could argue that it's only "free" with air quotes as there's a variety of optional IAP to be had. Regardless, if you missed the last Death Rally promotion, be sure to hop on this one. Even if all you do is tool around in a few single player races, it's still totally worth the download.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    "full online multiplayer" thats a lie! "optional IAP" and thats a bigger one!
    To access all features in multiplayer (all car and weapons) you must pay $48.92 USD, because the last four weapon and car don't drop parts in game.

    Also the multiplayer is just a pice of crap, the players have very different game in the same lobby. I was the first in my game, but my friend win, WTF?
    At first i was really liked this game and its developers, but now i hate that them, they are pathetic greed trash!Happily my iPad is jailbrooken, so i just downloaded the iAP cracker and get all the game elements what they refuse to include in the original price. ArrrrrI will newer buy from them, NEVER.

    • Celtique

      Thanks for the advice

    • CrackedButter

      I paid for the app, then paid for the first IAP for the monster truck. Then the multiplayer was updated to include IAP's. All the cars I built up weren't allowed in without making other purchases. Lost interest after that and bought Reckless Racing 2 instead.

      I wouldn't mind so much if they added more maps and let me take my purchases into the multiplayer portion.

  • Charles Albert

    Still play it over one year after buying it. It's very fun, even that multiplayer mess, riddled with IAP