Any gamer who has been at it for as many years as myself certainly has a shortlist of particular standout favorites that set themselves apart for one reason or another, having indelibly left their mark upon his or her twitchy gamer brain. One such game that can be found on my list / burned into my brain is the Apple II title Wings of Fury, written by Steve Waldo and published by Broderbund in 1987. It's a side-scrolling, carrier based aerial shooter set in the Pacific during World War II. The mission of the game is to use your Hellcat's canons, bombs, rockets, and torpedoes to wipe out island installations, enemy ships, and defend your carrier against aerial attacks. It's a lot of fun and is particularly challenging due to the somewhat realistic flight mechanics and the need to delicately land on the carrier to refuel / rearm.

Others out there who, reading this, fondly recall Wings of Fury (it also made it to the Amiga [video], C64, DOS, etc.) will be pleased to know that a rather well-done iOS remake has been put together by Korean studio Idea Spoon Games and released into the App Store.

Wings of Valor [App Store] is an iPhone title that pretty much captures the experience of the original -- it looks like it's all there, with simple, clean graphics. Of course, for a game like this, the onscreen analog stick is no match for the real-world, analog Apple II joystick with which I piloted my Hellcat in decades past, but the Wings of Valor controls work well enough.

In a chat this afternoon, author JY Kim of Idea Spoon explained that he is a huge fan of the original game and, lamenting the lack of App Store titles of the particular sort, decided seven months ago to bring the game, himself. Kim is a one-man operation and, as such, has rolled everything on his own, including the 2000 images that were drawn to bring the game together, the physics and particle system, and the camera / zoom system. He takes particular pride in the last, which he felt needed to be close to perfect in order to make the game work. He plans to soon bring improved visuals, better dogfight AI, and iPad support to the title.

Folks in our forums are having a pretty good time with Wings of Valor, so far.

  • Forrest Stevens

    It's really great... and I knew of but didn't play the original so not speaking here as a fanboy.  Definitely compelling and well worth the price.  I'd definitely recommend supporting the dev.

  • BigBonkura

    I loved Wings of Fury on my apple IIe, and bought this game earlier tonight- it's great! the touch controls are a little ...touchy... at times, but much easier to use than many other similar games I've played. If you're familiar with the game, you'll pick it up right away. If not, you'll probably need a little practice on the landings. I also wish I had an iPad to view this on a bigger screen, but it's a blast on the iPhone!

  • nothingreal

    looks pretty good! really liking it so far.

    If the developer is checking up, I'd love to see some icade support.. this game is tailor-made for it.

  • Don van Galen

    Nice another title of my port-wish list!
    Huge fan of the original, so have to pick this up.

  • nomster

    Looks good - hope that if/when it comes to iPad it could be iCade compatible

  • Blaze_Maze

    It crashes consistently on iPod Touch 4. I did everything: restarted numerous times, used memory doctor, cleaned the memory from other apps, re-installed the game twice, followed the procedure described on the store step-by-step... it still crashes

  • MrReeee

    I'd still love to see Graphic Sim's old Hellcats ported to iOS!

  • numanair

    Cool! If you like these kinds of games, check out Dogfight for Windows. It's freeware.

  • djstout

    Love it very very very much, I was a huge fan of the original! This one is a must have, a bit difficult at first to handle landing and taking off, but pure joy after a few tries