Developer and all-around great guy David Frampton from Majic Jungle Software, creator of the early App Store breakout success Chopper [$2.99 / Free] and its greatly improved sequel Chopper 2 [$2.99], has revealed to us his next upcoming iOS project called The Blockheads.

As you can see from the embedded screens, The Blockheads looks heavily inspired by the sandbox game Minecraft, and David isn’t shy about stating as much. However, he notes that during the development process he tried to make sure that The Blockheads let’s you do the sort of things that make Minecraft fun but tried to do them in a different way. For example, there is a crafting component to the game, but David explains the different approach he is taking to that in The Blockheads:

Instead of needing to know recipes and being able to craft everything in one location, there are many different kinds of workbenches, each with a handful of items they can craft. The crafting interface lists what is required and describes what the crafted item can do. This creates a technology tree of sorts, easing the player into the game, and slowly making more advanced items available.

The Blockheads is being built from the ground up with touch screens in mind, and it will try to utilize an non-abrasive freemium approach. Essentially, there will be an in-game currency which you can spend real money to acquire through IAP and speed up certain processes, but it is also earned through play and won’t be required to enjoy the game.

We’ve been enjoying an excellent 2D Minecraft/Terraria game on iOS for a while now with Junk Jack [$2.99 / Free], but I still think that there’s plenty of room for iteration in the genre and a chance for a good title to stand out in the sea of the many Minecraft copycats and clones on the App Store. The Blockheads sounds like it has a lot of promise, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

You can keep your eye on the game’s website for updates, and of course we’ll bring you any new information that we get on The Blockheads as development continues.

  • Allan McDonald

    "looks promising" yea cos what the world really needs is another 2d minecraft clone.. Or perhaps a game about throwing things at pigs? Or maybe a game where you cut strings? OR HOW ABOUT YOU STOP REWARDING CHEAP CLONES AND START REWARDING ORIGINALITY!!*

    *jeff minter games are not originality, they're bloody awful, retro bandwagon, non-games.

    • karnakgames

      Yo, Minecraft is a clone itself? From Notch's mouth: "This is a very early test of an Infiniminer clone I'm working on".

    • Jared Nelson


    • Bridget

      You mean like how the entire FPS genre is basically a clone of Doom or Wolfenstein and how there hasnt been hardly any original games in the genre in a VERY long time?

      Or how about the persquillions of Street Fighter clones?

      Or something like WoW...... clone of Everquest, actually.   A really, REALLY direct clone, too.

      Game cloning..... kinda a totally accepted practice and has been around for a LONG time.   What absolutely baffles me is that people can be THIS bloody stupid as to not know this fact, and to ONLY freakout when Minecraft cloning happens.

      .....and I say all of this as a longtime Minecraft fan that plays the game ALOT, so dont even think of calling me a hater or something damn stupid like that.

      Though the part in your comment about Jeff Minter's games sorta proves you're probably not worth arguing about.   Those games were too hard for you, werent they....

    • ndre

      Jeff Minter is a genius. You, on the other hand, are a whining nothing.

      • Allan McDonald

        Don't you just love how people throw words like genius around on the Internet like their original meaning is simply forgotten?

  • Alexander Walker

    i've got to be honest, i can't see why this game is being praised and you are calling for "more iteration in the genre" after haranguing zynga with their tiny tower clone. the only difference between that example and this instance is that instead of completely ripping off one game, its ripping off two- minecraft and junk jack.

    • majicDave

      Dream Tower took actual screens/menus from Tiny Tower, and ripped them off wholesale, everything down to the cost of items was stolen.

      In The Blockheads, everything is different to Minecraft other than the genre. It's a 2D perspective, the interface is totally different, the craftable items are totally different, the world is totally different. The graphics and the enemies are totally different. It doesn't even have one character, but many to control.

      This genre is new, with one dominant player, just like the FPS genre was back in the Wolfenstein days.

      But just like the FPS, there will be many many different evolutions of this genre. Minecraft was one - (have you heard of Infiniminer?) and The Blockheads certainly won't be the last. So get used to it. And if you get over your misdirected rage and give some of them a go, you might even find you enjoy yourself.

      • nicolinux

        I agree with Dave. There are so many Minecraft inspired games out there because this whole new genere proves to be very satisfying.
        I would argue that every platformer after Mario was a clone, so beeing inspired by something vs. total rip-off is a BIG difference.

    • Jared Nelson

      Yeah if you can't see the difference between what Dream Heights did and this game then I can't help you.

  • Scott Lembcke

    Could be cool, but would have to see more. Junk Jack was really disappointing/boring if you had already played Terraria. I wouldn't say that someone could easily do better than Junk Jack (it was a well made game), but it just wasn't as amazing as Terraria.

    It's a shame that people think that every game that involves blocks and building are "minecraft clones". Even Notch acknowledges that Minecraft was a clone and welcomes people to make more games in the same genre.

    • Jonas

      Obviously i can't speak for everyone but the issue for me is the sudden flooding of minecraftish games trying to ride the wave created by minecraft. It's just very unoriginal, much like angry birds inspired physics puzzle games or match 3 games

      That's not to say there isn't room for a great minecraft inspired game though

      • soup13

        Angry birds is a clone of crush the castle, Tiny wings is a clone of wavespark, minecraft is a clone of infiniminer, jetpack joyride is a clone of sfsnake.  There is nothing truly original in the gaming world(especially casual games), all games are iterations/mashups of concepts from other games.  Some games just make their inspirations more obvious/clony than others.

    • Jared Nelson

      You say Minecraft because that's what people know. Your average person has no idea what Infiniminer is. Same with Angry Birds vs Crush the Castle.

  • GamerGuy

    And don't forget Terraria (2D) a cool game.  I know a lot of work goes into these apps, so unless you just want to get a few dollars from riding on the coat tails of successful apps, why put all that effort in a clone...   

    Unless, of course, a Minecraft type game was your dream game and had the idea years before Minecraft, and just didn't beat Minecraft to the punch.   But you still had to get it done for yourself...I get that, but still.

  • Rdkjr11

    I personally don't understand all of the hate for similar games (unless it's just copy pasted like zynga). We can't all be entertained by minecraft forever, and let's be honest, minecraft has a lot of things that should be in the game but aren't (better fighting system, more bosses, faster movement). That's why I love games like Terraria, because they fix the problems. Are they original? Mostly no. But are they fun? YES! Believe it or not, we CAN play multiple games of the same genre.

  • Victor Lemain

    how can you make charcoal?